Miscellaneous Records & Documents:

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1.    Letters, bills, memos and petitions from Bermuda

2.    Slave Registers, Workhouse Children, Women's Suffrage, Bermudians in Britain 1881

3.    Bermudians naturalized as citizens of South Carolina 1783-1850

4.    Bermudians in St Eustatius Vital Records 1710-1816

5.    United States Congressional references to Bermuda

6.    References to Bermudians in South Carolina Archives      (1700-1800's)

7.   The Arts in historical Bermuda (painters, poets, etc)

8.    Medical Arts in Bermuda

9.    British rulers- chronological chart

10Clergy in Bermuda

10.  British customs in Bermuda

11.  Bermuda and the salt trade at Turk's Island

12St David's Islanders heritage by Jean Foggo Simon