Ship Passenger and Immigration Lists

The James

5 June 1850; London to Bermuda

The brigantine "James" left London, England on 5 June 1850 with 21 inmates of St Pancras Parish workhouse, emigrating to Bermuda as indentured servants. She was registered at 140 tons burden, but purported to be 200 tons by Captain T W Burrows. A Bermuda historian estimates her to be 287 tons. On this voyage, Richardson was captain.

Maria Jeffers, age 10
Elizabeth barrett, age 10
Mary Ann Gardiner, age 13
George Barron, age 14
James Barrett, age 13
Frederick Brooks, age 14
John Frederick James, age 13
Charles Sersale, age 13
Timothy Jeffers, age 15
William Senyard, age 13
Charles Tomkinson, age 15
William Kent, age 13
George Empson, age 15
William Taylor, age 18
Robert Nimmo, age 38
Benjamin Matthews, age 44
George Grant, age 18
Henry James, age 25
George James, age 21
John Buckingham, age 27
John Thelwall, age 13

(reference: Saturday's Children: A journey from darkness into light: Bermuda 1850. by Jocelyn Motyer Raymon, 1994)