Ship Passenger and Immigration Lists

The James

21 Nov 1849; London to Bermuda

The brigantine "James" left London, England on 21 November 1849 with 5 inmates (4 of whom were children) of St Pancras Parish workhouse, emigrating to Bermuda as indentured servants. She was registered at 140 tons burden, but purported to be 200 tons by Captain T W Burrows. A Bermuda historian estimates her to be 287 tons. On this voyage, Stowe was captain. The ship called on Medeira en route, arriving at Bermuda 2 January 1850.


Captain Stowe
James George, age 13
John Howlett, age 14
George Channon, age 14
James Hart, age 15
Percival Mann, age 39

(reference: Saturday's Children: A journey from darkness into light: Bermuda 1850. by Jocelyn Motyer Raymon, 1994)