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Halifax Ship arrivals & departures:1810-1872
with reference to Bermuda
NOVASCOTIAN, ACADIAN RECORDER and EVENING REPORTER, of Halifax, Nova Scotia   (newspapers)

Port of Halifax:  Tuesday May 20 arr. (1810)
His Majesty's ship Pactolus, Capt. Dobbie 11 days from Bermuda - HMS Leander, Rear Admiral Sir David Milne G.C.B., Capt. Chatham had arrived at Bermuda from Portsmouth and would sail for Halifax on or about the 1st June. Passengers on the Pactolus: His Excellency Major General Smyth Lieutenant Governor of the Province of New Brunswick, his Lady and suite; Lieut. Sparks R.E. and family, and Edward M'Swinney Esq.

Port of Halifax: Tuesday May 27 arr. (1810)
H.M. ship Harrier, Sir. C. Jones Capt. from Bermuda.

Port of Halifax: Friday June 6 arr. (1810)
the Harrier, Capt. Sir C. Jones for Bermuda.
May 24 - Antoinette, Gillard - Bermuda;
Eliza-Ann, Willis - Bermuda.

Port of Halifax: Thursday June 12 arr. (1810)
His Majesty's brig Opossum, Lord John Hay from Bermuda

Port of Halifax: Thursday July 3 arr  (1810): sch. Rainbow - Boston 9 days; His Majestys brig Saracen, Capt. Gore from Bermuda and Jamaica 6 days from the latter place;

Port of Halifax: Thursday August 7 (1817) arr.: brig Thomas, Winn - Bermuda 8 days

Port of Halifax: Vessels cleared since our last (Thurs Nov 27 1817): Robert, Glawson - Bermuda;

Port of Halifax: Thursday December 25 1817 :  H.M.S. Dee from hence arrived at Bermuda the 20th ult.

MARCH 17, 1821   Port of Halifax : Fri. Arrivals 1820  : H.M. ship Piraton, Capt. Montaqu, Bermuda

APRIL 14, 1821  Port of Halifax : Sunday arr.
H.M.S. Carnation, Capt. Hall, 8 days from Bermuda, with the English February mail, received in Bermuda by the Lord Hobart, Packet, in 40 days passage from Falmouth.

May 5, 1821   Port of Halifax  : Thursday arr.
H.M. ship Cyrene, Captain Tozer, 10 days, from Bermuda.

Jan. 20, 1851: R.M.S. Ospray, Bermuda-Hfx.: COAG Capt., late of "Helen",Greenock, PARTRIDGE Capt.,late of "Jane", London, MURRAY Mr., of Commissariat

R.M.S. Ospray, Bermuda-Hfx.
Mar. 17, 1851: STEWART Mr., CARTER Mr.

R.M.S. Ospray, Bermuda - Halifax
May 05,1851, FIELD Rt.Rev.Dr., Bishop of Nfld, CUMBERLAND Major,42nd Royal Highlanders, 

Steamer Ospray,  Bermuda - Halifax.
May 19, 1851 Left May 10 ?
MURRAY Rev.,Lady and 4 children, WHITE Rev. Mr., BELL Mr. and Mrs.,

R.M.S. Ospray
Bermuda-Hfx.   WAINRIGHT J. T. & Lady, WAINRIGHT Master, FRITH Mr. G. R.,
TUZO Miss, TWADELL Miss, 6 Fore Cabin 

R.M.S. Ospray
Bermuda-Halifax   TULLISAN Capt.72nd Regiment, WEYLEY Mr., 30 men of 72nd Reg't,

R.M.S. Ospray
Bermuda-Halifax   RATCHFORD Miss, CHETYN Hon. H., R.N., MAIRS Mr. , R.N., SALTUS Mr. W. MUEZIE Mr. , R.N., BROADHEAD Mr. , R.N.

R.M.S. Falcon,  Bermuda - Halifax  Sept.22,1851  THORNTON Mr., GESNER Mr.

R.M.S. Ospray, Bermuda - Halifax   Oct.06,1851  SMYTH Capt.,

R.M.S. Ospray Bermuda - Halifax  Dec.15,1851  SINCLAIR Mr.
NOVASCOTIAN, Halifax   Feb.16, 1852
Mail Brig. Chebucto  Bermuda - Halifax:  Capt. White, R.E. and Capt. Burton, 97th Reg't.

NOVASCOTIAN, Halifax   May 03, 1852
R.M.S. Levantine  Bermuda - Halifax:  Rev'd Dr. Gilpin, Master Gilpin, Miss Wright, Lieut. Clarke R.E., and Mr. Glegg

NOVASCOTIAN, Halifax   May 17, 1852
R.M.S. Ospray  Bermuda- Halifax:  Hon. Mr. Hay, Mr. Kynaston R.N., Mr. Jeans R.N.

NOVASCOTIAN,    June 14, 1852
R.M.S. Levantine  Bermuda - Halifax.:  Mr. Hill and Lady, and G. W. Gesner

NOVASCOTIAN,    July 12, 1852
R.M.S. Ospray   Bermuda - Halifax:  Miss Godfrey, two Misses Wainright, two Masters Wainright, D. McColl and S. S. J. Frith, Esqrs.

NOVASCOTIAN,    July 12, 1852
R.M.S. Ospray   Bermuda - Halifax:  Miss Godfrey, two Misses Wainright, two Masters Wainright, D. McColl and S. S. J. Frith, Esqrs.

NOVASCOTIAN,    July 26, 1852
R.M.S. Levantine  Bermuda - Halifax:  Rev. Mr. Muir, Mr. R. Marshall and 3 in the Steerage

NOVASCOTIAN,   Aug.23, 1852
R.M.S. Levantine Bermuda - Hfx.:   W. Saltus, Esq., and Lady, Mr. Hartshorne, Mr. Mainder R.N. and Capt. Conrad

NOVASCOTIAN,  Sept.20, 1852
R.M.S. Levantine   Bermuda-Halifax:  Dr. Hildrath (?)

NOVASCOTIAN,   Oct. 04, 1852
R.M.S. Levantine   Bermuda- Halifax: Capt. Woodhouse, R.A.

NOVASCOTIAN,  Nov.01, 1852
Steamship Levantine   Bermuda- Halifax: Captain Roberts, late of Brig. 'Triumph' of Liverpool, condemned at the former place

NOVASCOTIAN,   Dec.27, 1852
R.M.S. Ospray   Bermuda - Halifax
Lieut. Col. Furneaux R.E., Capt. Rabon 56th Regt., Lieut. Barry R.E.,
Messrs Gesner, Conkey, Shea, and George

NOVASCOTIAN,   Jan.31,1853
R.M.S. Levantine   Halifax. - Bermuda: Hon. Mr. Hay and Mr. James

NOVASCOTIAN,  Mar. 28, 1853
R.M.S.Levantine   Halifax - Bermuda, March 18th
Rt. Rev. Dr. Field, Messrs Keith, Bowes and Grigor

NOVASCOTIAN,  Apr. 18,1853
R.M.S.Levantine    Bermuda - Halifax   Mr. Roome and boy, Mr. Keith, Capt. Whitten and Mate, Capt. Godfrey and crew

NOVASCOTIAN,   Feb.13, 1854,    R.M.S. Osprey  Halifax - Bermuda:  Colonel Williams, Lady, and 2 daughters, Mrs. Harvey and child, Mrs. Wainwright and child, Lieut. Talbot

May 08, 1854, H.M.S. Buzzard From Bermuda: Lt. Wyllie Royal Artillery, Lieut. Godley 56th regt., and Dr. McClinton Royal Navy

June 12, 1854, R.M.S. Ospray Bermuda - Halifax:  Mrs. Daniel and son, J. Barr Esq., and Lady, the Misses Barr and servant, Mrs. Barswell  and 2 children

July 10, 1854, R.M.S. Merlin, Bermuda - Hfx.:  Mr. Wainwright, Lady and child
Aug. 07, 1854, R.M.S. Curlew, Halifax-Bermuda: Mr. Walsha, Lady and family, Rev. Mr. Madden

Aug. 28, 1854,  R.M.S. Curlew, St. Thomas - Halifax
From Bermuda - Rev. T. M. Albrighton, R. Hartshorne, J. E. Barrs, and 4 in
the Steerage

June 18, 1855, Steamer Curlew, Bermuda - Halifax
Misses Murray, Johnston, Cutlip, Mrs. Dr. Wells and family, Mr. Outerbridge, Lady and

Aug.04, 1855, Steamer Curlew
From Bermuda  Mrs. and Misses Archibald, 1 officer and 50 men of the Royal Artillery

Mar.15, 1856, Steamer Curlew, From Bermuda
Colonel Poole, R.A., Colonel Williams, R.E., Captain Wallace, 26th Regt., and 3
in the fore cabin

April 12, 1856, Schr. G.O. Bigelow, From Bermuda
Lieuts. Blane and Hill, R.N., Capt. Hunter and crew of the late steamer
CURLEW, wrecked at Bermuda

May 12, 1856, R.M.S. Merlin, Bermuda - Halifax
Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Dowdney and servant, Mrs. Stowe and servant,
Rev. Mr. Frith, Jno. Wainwright, Messrs Turple, Atherton, and Soule

May 31, 1856, Steamer Merlin
From Bermuda, Miss A. Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, Capt. Hall, R.A. and Lady, child and 2
servants, Mrs. Pickthrow, Miss Pickthrow, Miss L. Barss, Miss Symer, and 2
in the fore cabin

R.M.S. DELTA Bermuda to Halifax    Feb. 9, 1859
BROWN Mr. and Mrs.,  Messrs.  HOYT, MIGNOWITZ, and WATKINS J.

ACADIAN RECORDER,   Halifax, Mar. 12, 1859
MERLIN, Bermuda to Halifax
TURNER Deputy Commissary General,  TURNER Col.,  TURNER Mrs. and 3
children, and JACOBS Mr.
From Halifax to Bermuda [via same vessel] 
MITCHELL Lieut.,  DAY Lieut. and lady,  CARDY Miss,  HOGAN J. F., and lady, 

NOVASCOTIAN,   Feb 4 1867,  R.M.S. Alpha,  Halifax - Bermuda
Ensign Leathan; Rev Mr Temple; Messrs Brown, Taylor, Craigen & Lady Beals; Staff Surgeon Brodie, & Lieut Decoetagan.

NOVASCOTIAN,   Mar 4 1867,  R.M.S. Alpha,  Halifax - Bermuda
Mrs Jane Flynn & infant, Mr Gleason & Lady, Mrs S Pile, Mrs Hewson & servant, Sergt Parish, Mrs Darling & child.

Halifax Evening Reporter, Apr 13 1871
ALPHA from Bermuda
The Coadjutor Bishop of Newfoundland, Capt. Cruikshank R.A., Mrs Cruikshank, child and female servant, Lt DDT O'Callaham R.A. , Lt Fawkes R.E., Mrs Snow, Mrs Gibson, Sergt Williams 53rd regt., wife and child, Capt Henderson, S. Parker, Wm Bartlow -- From St Thomas - Mr Scon, Capt. Jas. Smith, and Jas. Hubley.

Halifax Evening Reporter, Apr 26 1871
ALPHA to Bermuda
Mrs W H Hare and Mr Goreham

Halifax Evening Star, Jun 7 1871
Steamer DELTA from Bermuda
Mrs Mare, Rev Mr Smith and wife, Rev Mr Tuttle, wife, 5 children and servant, Mr Doveton, wife and servant, Sergt Eaton and wife, Sergt Beard, Mr parish, Sappers Macey, Adams and Lambert, Mr Hughes, Mr Patton.

Evening Reporter, July 7 1871
DELTA from Bermuda
Mrs Forbes, C H Robinson, Master John Barron, Lt and Mrs Uppleby, Harley Trott and son, Mrs Trott, Mrs Fogo, Mrs Wainwright and 2 children, James Perot, Mrs Perot and Maid servant, Geo H Siggias, Mrs Marcus Harvey, Mrs Lightbourne, Geo Smith.

Halifax Evening Reporter, Aug 2 1871
DEL:TA from Bermuda
Mr H Hughes, Miss Rogers, Archibald Kingrood, James Price

Halifax Evening Reporter, Aug 12 1871
DELTA to Bermuda
F A Page, lady, 5 children and infant, A Wingood, Capt Dyke 69th Regiment, Mrs Dyke, Asst Surgeon Atkinson and lady, Mrs Paust, John Godsiffe, Mrs M Harvey, Mrs A Lightbourne, Capt George O'Bern 61st Regt and wife

Halifax Evening Reporter, Sep 9 1871
DELTA, Halifax -Bermuda
Mrs Wolfe & 2 children, Mrs Beet, Mr H Trott & wife & son, Mrs J B Foggs, E Walker, J Caruthers & wife & 4 children, Mr Snelgrove, Mr & Mrs Black, Mr Robinson, Mr Batron, Lt H Waller (RN), Maj Ball (53 Rgt), Mr Murray, Mrs Pearson, I Hyman, M Levy, Sergt. Beacon, W M Daniel

Halifax Evening Reporter, Dec 1871
S S Alphastrian, Halifax -Bermuda
Mrs Chandley & infant, C Harvey, Miss Perot & servant, Lieut. J Coften, Lieut. Banfield, Dr Horman, Miss Lighthouse, J A Conyers, Maj Chambers, Bishop Field & lady, Mr D McDonald, Miss Robinson, and 5 in steerage

Halifax Evening Reporter, Feb 15 1872
RMS Alpha,  Halifax -Bermuda
Sergt. John Gumblett and 8 in steerage

Halifax Evening Reporter, Mar 25 1872
RMS Alpha,  Halifax -Bermuda
Berkley Milne, Mr Fife (53rd Regt), E C Baker RN, A W Flood, and 8 in 2nd cabin

Halifax Morning Chronicle, Apr 15 1872
RMS Alpha,  Bermuda & St Thomas - Halifax
Capt Wm Crerar, Capt Fancon, Miss Atwood (2), Mr Jones & son, 7 in 2nd cabin

Halifax Morning Chronicle, Apr 23 1872
RMS Alpha,  Halifax -Bermuda
Mrs H G Hawker, C Bonny, Capt, Howard, Dr Webb & female servant, E C Batton, Major Powys, Mrs Powys & servant, Mrs Webb & child, and 3 in 2nd cabin

Halifax Morning Chronicle, May 19? 1872
Delta,  Halifax -Bermuda
Dr Clarke (69th Regt), Capt French (69th Regt), Miss Sinclair

Halifax newspaper (name?), Aug 14 1872
Delta,  Halifax -Bermuda
J M Jones & wife, Rev Mr Cassidy & wife & 2 children, 6 in steerage

Halifax newspaper (name?), Sep 11 1872
Delta,  Halifax -Bermuda
Mrs Harvey & 2 daughters, Mrs Alpin & daughter, Mrs Aitheson, J Whitaker, Mr & Mrs Hyland. Sergt Edmundson RA in 2nd cabin

Halifax newspaper (name?), Sep 28 1872
Delta,  St Thomas & Bermuda to Halifax
Mr Storey, Mr Hayward, Mrs Fletcher, and 20 in steerage.

Halifax newspaper (name?), Dec 7 1872
RMS Alpha,  Halifax -Bermuda
1st Cabin: Misses Darrell (2) & maid, Miss Frith, Mr & Mrs Pickington, Capt Whinfield RE
2nd Cabin: J Roddick & wife & 3 children, Mrs Turner

Halifax newspaper (name?), Dec 27 1872
RMS Alpha,  Bermuda - Halifax
W Gwendowyn & E Walker

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