Ship Passenger and Immigration Lists

The "Hopewell"

The latter part of 1675, the Hopewell of London, Captain Robert Smith master, sailed for Bermuda from England.
Passengers included:
Capt. Francis Jones
Rev. John Fowle

The ship carried a General Letter from the Bermuda Company to Sir John Heydon, Governor dated 12 Aug 1675. Paragraph 19 of the letter reads: "We have chosen and appointed Francis Jones to be our sole searcher and have now sent him our warrant for that office and place, and do order you the Governor and Council to assist and encourage him in the lawful execution of his office."(source: Lloyd Peniston Jones 1947)

Paragraph 25 of the same letter states: "We now send you Mr. John Fowle, Mr. of Arts of the University of Dublin, which we have chosen and appointed to preach to Sandy's and Southton Tribes, and order that Mr. Edwards deliver him the possession of the Glebe, and we pray you to receive him with all courteous entertainment and give him all due encouragement." (source Lloyd Peniston Jones, 1947)