Ship Passenger and Immigration Lists

NYC harbour c1847

The Brig Falcon

Bermuda to New York
17 June 1843

District of New York, Port of New York
I, John Pitt, master of the Brig. Falcon do solemnly, sincerely, and truly swear that the following list or manifest of passengers, subscribed with my name, and now delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs for the District of New York, contains, to the best of my knowledge and belief, a just and true account of all the passengers received on board the Brig Falcon, whereof I am Master, from Bermuda. So help me, God (signed) John T Pitt. Sworn to this 17 June 1843 before me. M L Davis DC

List or Manifest of all the passengers taken on board the Brig. Falcon whereof Pitt is master, from Bermuda, burthen (not indicated) tons.

(columns= names, ages, sex, occupation, country to which they severally belong, country in which they intend to become inhabitants)

1. William A Buraly, 50, M, gentleman, Bermuda, Canada
2. William Outerbridge, 45, M, merchant, Bermuda
3. Mrs J T Pitt, 35, F, lady, Bermuda
4. Mrs D R Tucker, 40, F, lady, Bermuda
5. Mrs G S Tucker, 25, F, lady, Bermuda
6. Miss Tucker, 16, F, lady, Bermuda
7. Miss C Tucker, 11, F, lady, Bermuda
8. Miss S Ewing, 35, F, lady, Bermuda
9. Miss M Ewing, 20, F, lady, Bermuda
10. Mrs N Peniston, 30, F, lady, Bermuda
11. Doc? Kenedy, 40, M, Doc?, Bermuda, Canada
12. Mrs Kenedy, 25, F, lady, Bermuda, Canada
13. Miss J Kenedy, 6, F, lady, Bermuda, Canada
14. Miss C Pitt, 3, F, lady, Bermuda
15. Miss M Pitt, 1, F, lady, Bermuda
16. two female servants, 20 & 25 F, servants, Bermuda
17. Mr N Peniston, 16, M, gentleman, Bermuda
18. Mary Masters, 25, F, servant, Bermuda
19. G Smith (colored), 30, M, Bermuda
20. P Tucker (colored), 30, M, Bermuda
21. two men servants, 22 & 20, M, Bermuda
22. G Hall stewardess, 35, F, stewardess, Bermuda
signed John T Pitt

Correspondence 06/27/01 passengers & captain PITT
Capt. John Thomas Pitt of the Falcon - my g-g-grandfather. Born Bermuda
about 1804, married Elizabeth D. White of Bermuda on 12 Jan. 1833 in
Pembroke, Bermuda. Resident of Bermuda, died 15 July 1854 in Pembroke,

Brig Falcon built 1841, keel about 55 1/2 feet, On deck 69 feet, width 21
1/4 feet. Owned by the Tuckers in Bermuda. Capt. Pitt commanded the Falcon
until his death in 1854. Primarily used in the New York/Bermuda trade in
the 1840's. In early 1850's made trips Bermuda to England.

Passengers on this trip included his wife, and two of their children - Mary
and Ella. Their 8 year old daughter Elizabeth Sarah Francis Pitt apparently
did not make the trip. (My g-grandmother).  Also on trip was wife of
owner "Tucker".
Source references and additional data available.
Russ White

Source: National Archives and Records Administration, Film M237, reel 52
This material made available through the generous permission of the Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild and the transcriber Wini Hall