John Green

John Green

18th Century portrait artist

John Green came to Bermuda from Philadelphia about 1765 as a young man. He became friends with the family of  the Honorable Thomas Smith, Collector of Customs for Bermuda. The Smith's were then living at what is now known as the "Henry Tucker House" on Water St in St George's. He was to later marry the daughter Polly (Mary) and inherit Verdmont House in Smith's.

Green had been a portrait artist in Philadelphia and continued to do some work after moving to Bermuda until 1785. He was a friend of Benjamin West, a well-known contemporary American portrait artist. Mr West was to become Historical Painter to George III. Benjamin West did a pencil portrait of Green in possession of the Historical Society of PA. Green joined him in London in 1774 until about the summer of 1775. He may have painted "Venus Instructing Cupid" at that time, later owned by John Trott in the later 19th Century.

Collector Smith died in 1781. His widow, stepmother of Mary Green, gave her Verdmont after his death, in a deed dated 1784. Green and his wife lived and died here.

Green became Collector of Customs in 1785. He was appointed councillor to Governour William Browne in 1787 and eventually Judge of the Vice-Admiralty, where he presided over the prize court.

Following John and Mary Green's deaths, a  memorial was placed in Smith's Church on the north side by nephew Joseph Packwood. The Greens left no children.