Original Adventurers


The Originall Adventurers for the Plantacon of the Somers Islands

The names of the originall adventurers for the plantacon of the Somers Islands taken out of the Letters Patents of King James of blessed memorie. In the twelfth yeare of His Reigne over England &c and of Scotland the eight and ffortieth (1615)

Bermuda, once called the Somer's Islands after Lord Somers who first shipwrecked on the islands in 1609, was claimed by the Virginia Company. The Company dispatched the first settlers and the Islands' first Governor Richard Moore. In June of 1615, the Somers Island Company (or Bermuda Company) was formed under a Royal charter, and continued to control Bermuda from England for another 69 years. The following list comprises the original adventurers (or investors, 117 in all) in the Somers Island Company, nearly all of whom were earlier adventurers in the preceeding Virginia Company.


Harrington, Lucie, Countess of Bedford

Hodges, John

Etheridge, George

Cavendish, William Lord

Jacobson, Philip

Exton, Nicholas

Pagett, William Lord

Jadwin, Thomas

Farrer, Nicholas, merchant

Pembroke, William Earle of

John, Thomas

Ffellgate, William

Southampton, Henrie Earle of

Johnson, Robert, grocer

Fletcher, John

Auger (Aucher), Sir Anthoine

Kerell, John

Palmer, William

Cranfield, Sir Lionard (qu. Lionell?)

Kinge, Ralphe

Payne, William, Esquire

Diggs, Sir Dudlie

Lewis, Thomas

Phipps, Robert

Grobham, Sir Richard

Lukin, Edward

Poulson, Richard

Hide, Sir lawrence

Maplesdon, Richard

Prason, Hildebrand

Hogan, Sir Thomas

Martin, Edward

Quick, William

Howard, Sir John

Mercer, Richard

Rich, George

Mansell, Sir Richard

Nicholls, William

Roberts, Elias, merchant taylor

Mericke, Sir John

Norcott, Thomas

Rogers, Richard

Rich, Sir Robert

Offley, Robert, merchant

Scott, Edmon

Sandys, Sir Samuel

Osborn, John

Scott, George

Sandy's, Sir Edwin

Abby, Anthony

Shepheard, Matthew

Smith, Sir Richard

Adderlie, William

Smith, Cleophas

Smith, Sir Thomas

Anthonie, Charles, goldsmith

Smith, George, grocer

Watts, Sir John

Banks, John, mercer

Smith, Robert

Winwood, Sir Ralphe

Barnard, John

Smith, Waren

Caraway, William Esq

Barkeley, George, merchant

Speckhardie, Abraham

Chamberlaine, Richard Esq

Baron, Christopher

Swinow, George

Heydon, Jeremie, Esq

Benson, Nicholas

Tomlins, Richard

Hide, Nicholas Esq

Bretton, John

Tymberdale, Henry

Martin, Richard Esq

Bishop, Edward

Wale, Thomas

Thorpe, George Esq

Brainfield, Arhtur

Webb, Rice, haberdasher

Walter, John Esq

Campage, William, merchant

Webb, Thomas

Westenholm, John Esq

Cartwright, Abraham

Webster, William

Wrath, John Esq

Casewell, Richard

Weld, John

Abbot, Maurice, merchant

Chamberlaine, Abraham

Welby, William, stationer

Fletcher, Edward

Chamberlaine, Geroge, merchant

West, John, grocer

Gearing, John

Church, Thomas

Wheatley, Thomas

Giles, Francis

Clitherow, Christopher

Woddall, John

Gore, Richard, merchant taylor

Cotton, Allen

Greenwell, William, merchant taylor

Connell, Thomas

Haleman, George

Dawes, Abraham

Hamer, Ralphe, merchant taylor

DeLaurie, Gideon

Harwood, Leonard

Delbridge, John

Herne, John

Dike, John

Heyward, John, clarke

Ditchfield, Edward, salter

Hinton, Anthonie, doctor of physicke

Edwards, Richard

(reference: Tucker, Terry. Bermuda - Unintended Destination. 1982)