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My German ancestors came from various parts of Northern Germany: Lippe-Detmold, Hannover (Prussia) and Pomerania, now part of Mecklenburg/Vorpommern. All of my German great-grandparents emigrated between 1861 and the mid 1880s.

I have discovered the records for my great grandmother Hardt and her family in Stettin, which has clarified some relationships of various family members in the United States.

Also, great grandmother Maria Schröder’s origin is now known to be Lilienthal, Hannover. It is near Bremen, and several generations of her ancestors have been found.

My English forbears go back to the well researched Stephen Gates, who arrived in Hingham, MA in 1638. There is now data on his parents and origin in England. Information has been added on the Pollard line, which now connects with Thomas Pollard. He settled in Billerica, MA about 1690. Included in the Pollard line are Asa Pollard, the first patriot to fall at Bunker Hill, and Dr. Amos Pollard, the head surgeon at the Alamo. New information shows that Amos Pollard was born in Surry, NH, not Ashburnham, MA.

A link has also been established between the Pollards and Hamlins. Hannibal Hamlin was the first Vice President of the US under Abraham Lincoln. The Hamlins also link with the Howlands. John Howland was a passenger on the Mayflower, but not a direct ancestor. My line does descend from his brother Arthur, whose great great granddaughter married Captain Eleazer Hamlin. Arthur Sr.’s son, Arthur Jr., married Elizabeth Prence, daughter of Thomas Prence, who arrived on the Fortune, the second ship to come to Plymouth with settlers. He was governor of the colony three times, in 1634, 1638, and 1657-72.

The Leavitt ancestry seems pretty secure back to John Leavitt, the immigrant. The Levett/Leavitt line in England, starting with Percival Levett, has been removed, as reliable research has failed to show a connection. Also, unverified ancestors of John Woods, Sr. and the eldest Edward Gilman have been removed. The connection between the Gilmans and the Lincolns is included, a link well known in the literature.

Achsah Atherton is now correctly assigned as the wife of Thaddeus Pollard (b. 1772) rather than as the second wife of Thaddeus Pollard (b. 1755). Boy, was that confusing!

Revised: Some information on Revolutionary War service of several different men named Samuel Gates. My direct ancestor is not the one who was at Valley Forge (shucks).

I have definitely identified my 4x great grandfather Thaddeus Pollard, Jr. as a Revolutionary War soldier with the discovery of his widow’s application for a pension (at Hertiage Quest). He served at least three different terms, including at the Battle of Bennington where Burgoyne was soundly defeated.

Updates have added several hundred people in family lines leading to Mary Jane Pollard. They are mostly in Concord, Groton, and a few other towns in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Family names include Blood, Bonney, Buttrick, Davis, Dunster, Fairbank, Farwell, Page, Paine, Smedly, Syckerling, Tarbell, Wilder, and others.

NEW! The portrait of Dr. Amos Pollard, head surgeon of the garrison at the Alamo, is now known to be located at the Alamo, although not on display (at least not as of October 2014). It was apparently donated by a family member sometime in the 1930.

Information on the Gates side expands what was known about the Jennisons, the Twiss/Twist line, and related lines including Brackett, Newcomb, Pudney, and Cooke. The Shed ancestry going back to the late 1200s appears to be pretty reliable. Considerable information on the family of William Towne and Joanna Blessing and their descendants has been added. Two of their daughters were hung in the Salem witch trial madness. George W. Gates’ mother was Anna Towne, born in Greenwich, MA, one of the flooded Quabbin Reservoir towns.

Extensive additions have been made to many 17th Massachusetts lines, including Merriam, Wheeler, Wilder, Willard, Hudson, Bishop, Parker, and Long. (March-April 2016)

Information is now being added about the Romo family of Texas and Mexico, into which my daughter married a few years ago; a whole new adventure in genealogy!

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