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Public Record Office Class Lettercodes

Arrangement of Records in the Public Record Office: Class References

The records in the Public Record Office are divided into classes. Each class represents a body of records related to a function of a governmental agency. Every class is given a class reference which is comprised of a lettercode of capital letters followed by a number (e.g. HO 1, RG 9, WO 97.) The classes are further subdivided into pieces.

Use the Current Guide to determine the classes of records that will be most useful to you in your research. Then turn to the Class Lists to obtain descriptions of the records and the full reference, including piece number, of the record that you wish to order from the Public Record Office. Below is a listing of Class lettercodes compiled from the 1996 version of the Current Guide.

A Alienation Office
AB UK Atomic Energy Authority and its predecessors
ACT Government Actuary's Department
ADM Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies
AE Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts (England)
AF Parliamentary Boundary Commissions for England and Wales
AH Location of Offices Bureau
AIR Air Ministry and successor, the Royal Air Force, and related bodies
AJ Consumer Council
AK Individual county courts
AM Parliamentary Counsel's Office
AN British Transport Commission, British Railways Board, and related bodies
AO Auditors of the Imprest, Commissioners of Audit, Audit Office, Exchequer and Audit Department, National Audit Office and related bodies
AP Irish Sailors and Soldiers Land Trust
AR Wallace Collection
ASSI Justices of assize, goal delivery, oyer and terminer, and nisi prius
AST Unemployment assistance boards, Supplementary Benefits Commission, and related bodies
AT Department of the Environment and related bodies
AVIA Ministry of Aviation and successors, Air Registration Board, and related bodies
AW British Airways and British Overseas Airways Corporation
AX Local Government Boundary Commission for England
AY Various research institutes
B Commissioners of Bankrupts, the successor bankruptcy courts, and Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors
BA Civil Service Department and related bodies
BC Law Commission
BD Welsh Office
BE Iron and Steel Corporation of Great Britain, the Iron and Steel Board, and related bodies
BF Pensions Appeal Tribunals
BH Hudson Bay Company Archives
BJ Meteorological Office
BK National Dock Labour Corporation and Board
BL Council on Tribunals
BM Disabled Persons Employment Corporation Ltd., and Reemploy Ltd.
BN Department of Health and Social Security and related bodies
BP Royal Fine Art Commission
BR British Transport Docks Board
BS Defunct temporary bodies
BT Board of Trade and successor and related bodies
BV Parole Board
BW British Council
BX Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation
BY National Portrait Gallery
C Chancery, and also Wardrobe, Household, Exchequer and various commissions
CAB Cabinet Office, Committee of Imperial Defence, Central Statistical Office, and related bodies
CAOG Crown Agents for Overseas Governments and Administrations
CB National Playing Fields Association
CD Cinematograph films
CE British Museum
CF National Health Service hospitals
CHAR Charity Commissioners and Charity Commission
CHES Palatinate of Chester, including the county of Flint
CJ Northern Ireland Office
CK Commission for Racial Equality, Race Relations Board, and Community Relations Commission
CL Certification Office for Trade Unions and Employers' Associations
CM Property Services Agency
CN Photographs extracted from record classes
CO Colonial Office, Commonwealth and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, Empire Marketing Board, and related bodies
COAL National Coal Board and related bodies
COPY Copyright Office, Stationers' Hall
COU National Parks Commission and the Countryside Commission
CP Court of Common Pleas and other courts
CRES Crown Estate Commissioners and their predecessors
CRIM Central Criminal Court
CSC Civil Service Commission
CSPR Civil Service Pay Research Unit
CT National Insurance Commissioners and the Social Security Commissioners
CUST Boards of Customs, Excise, and Customs and Excise
CV Value Added Tax Tribunals
CW Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
CX Price Commission
CY Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
D Development Commission
DB Council for National Academic Awards, and related bodies
DC London Museum
DD Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales
DEFE Ministry of Defence, Chiefs of Staff Committee, and related bodies
DEL High Court of Delegates
DF British Museum (Natural History)
DG International organisations
DH British Library and the British Museum Library
DJ Post Office Users National Council
DK National Ports Council
DL Duchy of Lancaster
DM Occupational Pensions Board
DN Public Health Laboratory Service Board
DO Dominions Office, Commonwealth Relations and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices
DPP Director of Public Prosecutions
DR Civil Aviation Authority, including Air Registration Board
DSIR Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and related bodies
DT General Nursing Council for England and Wales
DURH Palatinate of Durham
DV Central Midwives Board
DW Councils for the Training, and for the Education and Training, of Health Visitors
DX Panel of Assessors for District Nurse Training
DY Joint Board of Clinical Nursing Studies
E Exchequer and Comptroller General of the Exchequer, and related bodies
EA National Council, and Council, for Educational Technology
EB Museums and Galleries Standing Commission, and the Museums and Galleries Commission
ECCL Ecclesiastical Commission
ECG Export Credit Guarantee Department
ED Department of Education and Science, and related bodies
EF Health and Safety Commission and Executive
EG Department of Energy
EH Pay Board
EJ Schools Council for Curriculum and Examinations, and successor and related bodies
EL Council for Encouragement of Music and the Arts, and the Arts Council of Great Britain
EM Special Commissioners of Income Tax
EN Imperial War Museum
EP Advisory Council, and the Reviewing Committee on the Report of Works of Art
ER Standing Civilian Courts
ES Atomic Weapons Research Establishment
ET Manpower Services Commission
EV Science and Engineering Research Council
EW Department of Economic Affairs
EXT Extracts from documents in other classes
EY Social Science Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council
F Forestry Commission and related bodies
FA Office of Gas Supply
FB Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges
FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FD Medical Research Council
FEC Forfeited Estates Commission
FG National Economic Development Council and National Economic Development Office
FH National Bus Company
FJ Commission for the New Towns
FK Office of the Secretary of State for Local Government and Regional Planning
FL Adult Literacy Resource Agency and successors
FM Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England (English Heritage)
FN Pilotage Commission
FO Foreign Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and related bodies
FP Health Education Authority
FR Legal Aid Board
FS Registry of Friendly Societies
FT Nature Conservancy Council
FV Department of Trade and Industry (1970-1974) and successors
FW National Curriculum Council
FY Potato Marketing Board
GFM Captured records of the German, Italian, and Japanese Governments
GIRO National Giro
HA Natural Environment Research Council
HB Office of Electricity Regulation
HCA High Court of Admiralty and colonial Vice-Admiralty courts
HD Secret Intelligence Service
HE English National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting
HF Ministry of Technology
HK Museums Association
HLG Ministry of Housing and Local Government, and successor and related bodies
HMC Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
HN Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency and predecessors
HO Home Office, Ministry of Home Security, and related bodies
HP National Radiological Protection Board
HR Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission
HS Special Operations Executive
HT Commission for Local Administration in England (Local Government Ombudsman)
HV Crown Estate Paving Commission
HW Government Communications Headquarters
HX Civil Service Occupational Health Service and predecessors
HY Intervention Board for Agricultural Produce
IND Original indexes
INF Central Office of Information
IR Board of Stamps, Taxes, Excise, Stamps and Taxes, and Inland Revenue
J Supreme Court of Judicature and related courts
JA Department of Health (1988- )
JB Department of Social Security (1988- )
JC Office of Water Services (Ofwat)
JD Monopolies and Restrictive Practices Commission, Monopolies Commission, and Monopolies and Mergers Commission
JE Office of the National Lottery (Oflot)
JF Department of Prices and Consumer Protection and successors
JH Ministry of Land and Natural Resources and successor bodies
JK Office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales
JL Curriculum Council for Wales and the Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales
JM Further Education and Higher Education Funding Councils for Wales
JN Committee on Standards in Public Life (Nolan Committee)
JP Revenue Adjudicator's Office
JR Office of the Rail Regulator
JS Further Education Funding Council for England
JT Local Government Commission for England
JUST Itinerant justices and other court records
JV Milk Marketing Board
JW Metrication Board
JX Office of the Data Protection Registrar
JY Civil Service College
KA Office of Passenger Rail Franchising
KB Court of King's Bench and other courts
KC School Examinations and Assessment Council
KD Coal Authority
KE Royal Air Force Museum
LAB Departments responsible for labour and employment matters and related bodies
LAR Land Registry
LC Lord Chamberlain and other officers of the Royal Household, and the Clerk of the Recognizances
LCO Lord Chancellor's Office and various legal commissions and committees
LO Law Officers' Department
LR Auditors of Land Revenue, The Surveyors General of Woods and Forest and others
LRRO Office of Land Revenue Records and Enrolments and its predecessors and associated departments
LS Lord Steward, the Board of Green Cloth and other officers of the Royal Household
LT Lands Tribunal
MAF Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Departments and related bodies
MEPO Metropolitan Police Office
MH Ministry of Health and successors, Local Government Boards and related bodies
MINT Royal Mint
MONW Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales and Monmouthshire
MPS Maps, plans, and surveys from the British Transport Historical Records Office
MT Transport departments and related bodies, and the London Passenger Transport Board
MUN Ministry of Munitions and successors, including papers of David Lloyd George
NATS Ministry of National Service
NDO National Debt Office, and Pensions Commutations Board
NG National Gallery
NIA National Insurance Audit Department
NICO National Incomes Commission
NMM National Maritime Museum
NSC National Savings Committee and Department, and the Post Office Savings Department
OBS Obsolete lists and indexes
OD Department of Technical Cooperation, and successive Overseas Development bodies
OS Ordnance Survey of Great Britain
PALA Palace Court
PC Privy Council and Privy Council Office
PCAP Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
PCOM Prison Commission and Home Office Prison Department
PEV Court of the Honour of Peveril
PIN Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance, and related and successor bodies
PL Palatinate of Lancaster
PMG Paymaster General's Office, the Treasurer of the Navy, the Paymaster General of the Forces, and related bodies
POST General Post Office
POWE Ministry of Power, and related bodies
PP Keeper of the Privy Purse
PREM Prime Minister's Office
PRIS King's Bench, Fleet, and Marshalsea prisons
PRO Domestic records of Public Record Office, acquisitions by gift or deposit, and other collections and copies of records
PROB Prerogative Court of Canterbury
PSO Keeper of the Privy Seal [Privy Seal Office]
PT Public Trustee Office
PWLB Public Works Loan Board
QAB Office of Queen Anne's Bounty, including Office of First Fruits and Tenths
RAIL Pre-nationalization railway, canal and related companies, London Passenger Transport Board, and successors
RECO Ministry of Reconstruction
REQ Court of Requests
RG General Register Office, Government Social Survey Department, and Office of Population Censuses and Surveys
RGO Royal Greenwich Observatory
SC Records of various departments, formerly called Special Collections
SO Signet Office, and Home Office records relating to functions inherited from the Signet Office
SP State Paper Office, including Secretaries of State up to 1782
STAC Court of Star Chamber
STAT Stationery Office
SUPP Ministry of Supply and successors, the Ordnance Board, and related bodies
T Treasury, Chancellor of the Exchequer's Office, and Rating of Government Property Department
TG Tate Gallery
TITH Tithe Commission and successor bodies
TS Treasury Solicitor and HM Procurator General's Department
UGC University Grants Committee and Universities Funding Council
WALE Records relating to Wales
WARD Court of Wards and Liveries
WO War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies
WORK Works departments, and the Ancient Monuments Boards and Inspectorate
ZBOX Unfinished and unpublished texts, calendars and finding aids held in the Public Record Office
ZHC Publications of House of Commons, including some House of Lords
ZHL Publications of House of Lords
ZJ London Gazettes
ZLIB British Transport Historical Records Office library
ZMAP Maps and plans formerly held by the Public Record Office library
ZOS Publications of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain
ZPER Periodicals held by British Transport Historical Records Office library
ZPSC Publications and other materials held by British Transport Historical Records Office library

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