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Volume XXIII (2010)





Vol. XXIII, No. 1
1 A Cupboard Full of Skeletons, by C. Gregory
13 The Fun of Transcribing Parish Registers, by Mary Haynes
14 The Dacks: End of an Era, by Sue Wilson
  17 Researching My Roman Catholic Ancestors in South Wales and the Marches, by Sue A. Krabsch
  20 Defining Scotch-Irish, Who Counts as Scotch Irish, by Sue A Krabsch
  22 Our American Quest, by Ann and Paul Johnson
  26 Forbidden marriage Laws of the UK
  27 Gomer, Ohio — a Montgomeryshire Settlement, by David Peate
  30 Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies of the UK
  31 Missing a Baptism?
  32 How to Trace Relatives without Knowing their Surname, by Roger Savage
  36 Did You Know? by Sylvia Peers
  37 Jewish Roots in Scotland
  40 Are You Related to Any of these Food-Related Surnames, by Mary Haynes
  41 Some Useful Addresses
  42 An Idiot, by Mary Wooldridge
  43 From the Federation of Family History Societies: The Differences Between FreeBMD and BMD
  45 Irish Censuses and Some Substitutes, by James McNamara
  52 Surname Register, compiled by Sue Wilson
Vol. XXIII, No. 2 59 Cornwall Without Tears, by Erica Hahn
  66 New Zealand: What the Family History Library Can Offer, by Dee Richards
  73 The London Branch Report: TheWelsh in Briston, by Ros Bowles
  76 Glasgow City Archives
  80 Records, Records, Records, by Roy Badman
  84 Poor Law Union Books 1874 Sanitary Conditions in the Town of Wem
  86 Wem, Shropshire is also Known for the Sweet Pea
  87 The Middle Class Irish in 19th Century Manchester, by Mervyn Buxteed and Neil Smith
  89 Shedding Light on Dark DNA? by Arthur Dark
  94 The Fun of Transcribing Parish Registers, by Mary Haynes
  95 The British American, by Loring David Bunyan
  103 Searching for the Movietone Newsreel, by Miriam Bunyan Fitch
  105 Some Useful Addresses
  106 More Census Mistakes — Beware the Dittos! by M. West
  107 St. Lawrence, IOW in the Censuses fo 1841, 1851, and 1861, by Kay Ronald Devonshire
  117 Index to Volume 23

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