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Table of Contents for
Volume XV (2002)

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Vol. XV, No. 1
Editor's Page, by Linda Jonas
Getting Ready for a Seminar, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
Tracing Your British Ancestors Without Traveling to Britain, by Linda Jonas
14 Beginner's Guide to Using Irish Land Records in Family Research, by Sue Wilson
18 Who Are the Scotch-Irish? by Linda Merle
33 History and Resources for Scottish Emigration to North America, by Paul Milner
39 Research in Irish Directories: 20th Century Sources for 19th Century Problems, by Nancy Lee Bier
44 Genealogy in the Palm of Your Hand, by Lisa Schumacher
47 Genealogy and the Future: Dooley Surname DNA Project, by Joyce Marschman
49 Guide to Abbreviations, Dates, Symbols, and Personal Names Commonly Found in British Research — Abbreviations of Records, Societies, and Repositories (49), Abbreviations of Regions and Churches (50), Genealogical Abbreviations (51), Symbols in the Records (53), Dates (54), Scottish Holiday Names (54), Calendar Change (55), Chapman County Codes for Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and England (57), Scottish Male Names (60), Scottish Female Names (61), Irish Female Names (62), Irish Male Names (63), Common Names in England (64)
Vol. XV, No. 2
(Fall/Winter 2002)
65 Using the Family History Library in Salt Lake City: A Guide for Those Who Come from a Distance, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
72 Why Are Double Dates (1612/1613) Used?, by Sallie Rolls Pavia
73 Scottish History Affecting Migration, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
78 Actually Using the Irish Tax Lists, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
83 Irreplaceable Evidence of Age for the Civil Service Commission, by Elisabeth McDougall and Dick Mynott
86 SCRIB, SCRIM & SCRID — The Scottish Civil Registration Indexes, by Sam Gibson
94 Which Irish Records Were Lost in "the Fire" (and Which Weren't), by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
98 York Minster Archives — A Hidden Treasure? by Louise Hampson, M.A.
103 Forty Shades of Green: Irish Estate Papers, by Nancy Lee Bier
111 Mediaeval Research, by Gordon Johnson
114 The Coroners Courts — Doreen Hopwood Explains This Ancient Inquiry, by Doreen Hopwood
120 Index to Vol. XV

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