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Table of Contents for
Volume XIV (2001)

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  In 2001 the Journal was a quarterly publication.




Vol. XIV, Nos. 1&2
The British Militia, 1797-1809, by Kay Ronald Devonshire
Finding Your Irish Ancestors — Unique Aspects of Irish Genealogy, and CD version of Gloucester Parish Records, by Richard Eastman
Oceans of Consolation, by Michael Gandy
14 Extracts from a Manuscript Written by Alexander Maxwell 1791-1859, by David Thomson
24 Index to Parish Registers: Baptisms 1813-1857 in Sutton-cum-Seaford, Sussex, England, by Lynne Kirini
51 Genealogical Sources at the Los Angeles Public Library, by Becky Bowen
54 Genealogical Research Among the Ordinary People of Rural England, by Ivan C. Johnson
Vol. XIV, No. 3
(Fall 2001)
59 Movement for the Sake of Religion, by Michael Gandy
66 Index to Parish Registers: Marriages 1813-1881 in Sutton-cum-Seaford, Sussex, England, by Lynne Kirini
78 The Griffin's War, by Richard Griffin and Diane Raybourn
84 British Customs: The Things They Did, by Lynne Kirini
Vol. XIV, No. 4
(Winter 2001/2002)
85 The Genealogist's Internet, by Richard Eastman
88 Gazetteer of British Place Names — Web Review, by Becky Roberts
90 Beginning English Research, by Lynne Kirini
100 Using Libraries, Workshops for Family Historians (by Stuart A. Raymond), a book review by Lynne Kirini
101 National Library of Wales Search Service, by Annie Lloyd
102 A Gazetteer of Scotland on CD-ROM, by Richard Eastman
105 Index to Volume XIV

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