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Table of Contents for
Volume XIII (2000)

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  In 2000 the Journal was a quarterly publication.




Vol. XIII, No. 1
(Spring 2000)
Monthly Meetings in Review — January 2000: Family History Societies: A Sound Investment (January 2000) – Sources in Leicester (1), Planning a County record Office Visit (2); February 2000: Land and Tax Records (2)
4 Finding British Probates: Scottish Testaments — Testaments to 1823 (4), Testaments after 1823 (5), Table 1. Pre-1801 Testament Indexes of Scotland (6), Table 2. Indexes to Scottish Testaments to 1823 (33), Table 3. Scottish Testaments to 1823 (34), Table 4. Scottish Testaments after 1823 (34)

Snippets from Farmily History Journals: "Reminiscences of Port St Mary Fifty years Ago, from this Date: Dec. 8th 1903", Journal of the Isle of Man Family History Society (37), "Herefordshire and the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902. South Wales Borderers", Herefordshire Family History Society Journal (38), "The United Society of Boilermakers 1881" (38) and "Casualties at Guy's" (39), Metropolitan, Journal of the London & North Middlesex Family History Society, "The Hurricane" (39) and "Jeffrey Galloway — Merchant of Castletown, Anyone's Ancestor?" (40), Journal of the Isle of Man Family History Society, "Henry Raine's Marriage Portion", Cockney Ancestor Journal of The East of London Family History Society (41)

Vol. XIII, No. 2
(Summer 2000)

Records of the Irish Poor in England, by Michael Gandy


Counties and Countries in Britain and Ireland, by Mike Spathky


New CD-ROM: Irish in the 1870 U.S. Federal Census, by Richard W. Eastman

62 Historical Time-Line of Great Britain 1500-1945, by Connie Ball Dabel

English Origins Launches On-Line Database, by Richard W. Eastman

74 Back to Basics, by Mary W. Parker
76 Snippets from Family History Journals
78 Keep Family History Memorabilia from Becoming History, by Michael Boyter
80 WEB Review: Chapters of Dublin History, by Rebecca Roberts
Vol. XIII, No. 3
(Fall 2000)
81 Unraveling Our Mulvilhill-Ryan Connection, by Mary A. Russell
88 A New Look at the Research Process, by Laurie Werner Castillo
98 Finding Your European Immigrant/Emigrant, by Ruth Ellen Maness
105 Books We Own, by Rebecca Roberts
107 Two Sources of Military Records, by Rebecca Roberts
108 Publishing a Family History, by Tom Underhill
118 Can You Copyright Your Data, by Richard W. Eastman
Vol. XIII, No. 4
(Winter 2000)
125 Second Stages in Researching Welsh Ancestry (John and Sheila Rowlands, eds.), a book review by Annie Lloyd
128 What Is That? Another Look at Abbreviations in the 1851 Census, by Rebecca Roberts
129 Ancestors in the King's Service, by Michael Gandy
143 Manor Court Records, by June Hanson
150 Cumulative Index for Volume XII

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