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Volume X (1997)

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  In 1997 the Journal was a quarterly publication.
Vol. X, No. 1
(Spring 1997)
English Catholic Ancestry — You Have More Than You Think, by Michael Gandy
Buried Treasure, Part II: More County Kerry Manuscripts, by Mary D. McKinnon
Family History Societies in Great Britain, by Kay Ronald Devonshire
25 Background for Research - 3 - Moveable Religious Feast Dates in Latin, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
30 Memories of Ireland, a poem by Linda Egan Flynn
Vol. X, No. 2
(Summer 1997)
43 Letters Bring a Family History to Life, by Linda Jonas (excerpts from Copy of the Manuscript Book Written by Alexander Maxwell 1791–1859 for his son David Maxwell 1819–1899)
49 Scottish Monumental Inscriptions, by Kay Ronald Devonshire
51 Family History Research Begins With Family Photos (courtesy of Eastman Kodak Company)
  Coolbanagher, by Janet L. Powers (author's account of her search for the parish church of her great-grandfather's baptism, while on a trip to Ireland)
59 English Occupational Records, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
63 Musings of a Genealogist Turned Missionary, by Carol Minson
64 Gurus and Evolution, by Rod Nordberg (regarding genealogical research and the Internet)
66 Researching CompuServe, by Rod Nordberg
70 An Immigrant Ancestor's Prayer, a poem by Linda Egan Flynn
72 Background for Research - 4 - Learn Your Roman Numerals, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
73 Irish Strays in Wales, by Annie Lloyd
Vol. X, No. 3
(Autumn 1997)
81 Queen Victoria and John Brown, by Sharon Ford
82 "He was no relation of ours . . .", by Carol Simmons (Author shares story, photographs and a letter from her grandmother whose aunt, one of Queen Victoria's ladies in waiting, was married to Archibald Brown, brother of John Brown.)
86 Scottish Family Histories (by Joan P. S. Ferguson), a book review by Kay Ronald Devonshire
87 Background for Research - 5 - Books You Can't Do Without, by Kay Ronald Devonshire
89 Landlords and Land Tenure in Ireland, 1790-1830, by Gale E. Christianson
96 Going to Ireland: A Genealogical Researcher's Guide (by Sherry Irvine and Nora Hickey), a book review by Brian O'Regan
98 It's a Small, Small World, by Janet L. Powers (Author shows through correspondence and queries, how research on one of her lines certainly covered the globe.)
102 "The Missing Register", by Annie Lloyd (An extract from a Victorian novel first published in 1845. In this short episode a group of people are gathered in a village parsonage somewhere in Wales.)
Vol. X, No. 4
(Winter 1997/1998)
119 Trade Directories: A British Isles Research Tool, by Paul Milner
129 A Very Happy St. Patrick's Day to All
  130 Landlords and Land Tenure in Ireland, 1790–1830 (Continued), by Gale E. Christianson
  136 Finding Your Welsh Ancestor, by Annie Lloyd
  138 Y Ddraig Goch Column, by Annie Lloyd, Welsh Study Group
  140 Background for Research - Radius Searches, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
  142 Snippets from Family History Journals
  145 Queries
  147 General Index to Volume X

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