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Volume IX (1996)

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  In 1996 the Journal was a quarterly publication.
Vol. IX, No. 1
(Spring 1996)
An Act for the Better Preventing of Clandestine Marriages: Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act, 1753, by Linda Jonas
A Young Scottish Immigrant's Journey, 1882, contributed by Sharon Ford (A poem written by a 11 yr. old boy, and in his own handwriting, of his journey from Scotland to Canada in 1882. It really gives a first hand account of what it was like to leave his homeland and travel by ship to a far away land.)
Irish Probate Records, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
20 Don't Tell ME About Indexes, by Jessie Mae Foster (The author stresses to the reader to look for and use indexes, to thank those who create them and to help out in projects of your interest, in your area.)
33 Chapman County Codes
Vol. IX, No. 2
(Summer 1996)
39 An Occupational Approach to Irish Genealogy, by Judith Eccles Wight
46 Background for Research - Regnal Years and the 1752 Calendar Change, by Linda Jonas
48 Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act, 1753 (from Statutes at Large)
52 Family History Research in British Columbia, Canada, by David M. Jackson
60 Scottish Church Records, by Sharon Ford (following page 60: Family SearchÔ Scottish Church Records; reprinted by permission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
65 Local Library Resources - Summary of talk by Nancy Lee Bier
66 Unusual Sources You May Not Have Used, by Nancy Lee Bier
68 William Andrews Clark Memorial Library: Rules for Handling Manuscripts, by Nancy Lee Bier (The library is a non-circulating research library open to visiting scholars and certified users of the University of California library system.)
70 Los Angeles Public Library Parking Information for Central Library
74 The Whitfields of Allendale, Northumberland Part 1 - The 1600s, by Carol Minson
76 The Great Historic Families of Scotland (by James Taylor), a book review by Bea Beck
Vol. IX, No. 3
(Autumn 1996)
79 British 1881 Census Index, by Kay Ronald Devonshire
81 England 1881 Census Index Microfiche Numbers
82 Scotland 1881 Census Index Microfiche Numbers
83 Wales 1881 Census Index Microfiche Numbers
84 Seventeenth-Century Transportation of British Convicts to the American Colonies, by Linda Jonas (includes extensive endnotes and bibliography)
99 Changes in the Names of the Counties of Wales - 1 April 1996, by Annie Lloyd
101 Background for Research - 2- Religious Feast Dates in Latin, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg
102 The Whitfields of Allendale, Northumberland Part II- The 1700s, by Carol Minson
107 Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act, 1753 (Correction), by Linda Jonas
110 The Surnames of Wales (by John and Shiela Rowlands), by Annie Lloyd
112 The Internet and British Sources, by Steve Wilson
Vol. IX, No. 4
(Winter 1996/1997)
117 Buried Treasure — County Kerry Original Manuscripts in the Archives of Northern Ireland, by Mary D. McKinnon
126 Scottish Gravestone Inscriptions, by David Thomson
128 Scottish Interest Group, by Linda Jonas (Account of Scottish testaments and how to locate them.)
129 Indexes to Scottish Testaments to 1823, by Linda Jonas ((Lists county, commissariot, years indexed, and FHL film number.)
131 Certificate Service, by Jessie May Foster (A service established to supply certificates of birth, marriage and death to researchers in Southern California who have access to the microfilmed indexes for English and Welsh Civil Registration, for about half the cost of mail order documents. There is also a service for non Californians who have specific information.)
134 Family Tree Maker, by Margaret G. Morden (Information regarding the computer program Family Tree Maker for Windows)
137 IGI in Wales, by Annie Lloyd

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