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Table of Contents for
Volume VIII (1995)

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  In 1995 the Journal was a quarterly publication.




Vol. VIII, No. 1
(Spring 1995)
Essex Record Office
Researching CompuServe, by Rod Nordberg
(Computer) Browsing the Shelves, by Rod Nordberg
9 Recent UK & Irish Discussion on CompuServe, by Rod Nordberg
10 Low-Cost Internet Access, by Rod Nordberg
11 The Glorious First of June 1794 - A Closer Look at some Army Records, by Captain (Ret'd) Erik A. Gray
15 Liverpool — A Brief History
19 Burial Ground Inscriptions, by Kay Ronald Devonshire
21 Scottish Regiments of Napoleonic and Earlier Times, by Captain (Ret'd) Erik A. Gray
23 Glamorgan Record Office (Archifdy Morgannwg), by Annie Lloyd
Vol. VIII, No. 2
(Summer 1995)
38 Obtaining English Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates, by Beth J. McCarty
39 Research Tools for England and Wales, by Beth McCarty
  45 So You've found a Soldier in Your Tree, by Captain (Ret'd) Erik A. Gray
  47 The Churching of Women, by Darlene E. McClain
  49 Liverpool City Libraries, A Brief Guide for Family Historians - Nancy Lee Bier
  52 Ireland: A Genealogical Guide for North Americans, a book review by Janet Powers
  53 Pipe-Major Robert Mackenzie: The King's Own Scottish Borderers, by Captain (Ret'd) Erik A. Gray
  56 Scottish Family History, a book review by Kay Ronald Devonshire
  57 Glamorgan Record Office (Archifdy Morgannwg) — continued, by Annie Lloyd
  62 Calendar Change, by Meryl Catty
  63 Great Uncle William, The Circuit Rider, by Hans W. Meier
  64 Legal Records for the Family Historian, by Meryl Catty
  65 The Parish and Vital Records List (PVRL) Resource GuideÓ - Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
  67 Still Researching CompuServe, by Rod Nordberg
  70 Using U S Patent Serial Numbers to Date a Family Heirloom, by Bonny Jordahl
Vol. VIII, No. 3
(Fall 1995)
71 On Twentieth Century American Immigration Records, by David Abrahams
78 English Records at the Family History Library, by Dean J. Hunter
86 "What Do They Know of Cornwall, Who Only Cornwall Know?", by Ian Richards
88 National Library of Wales, by Annie Lloyd
95 A Gunner and a Bag Full of Dollars, by Captain (Ret'd) Erik A. Gray
97 John Terry - Soldier Without a Regiment? by Captain (Ret'd) Erik A. Gray
100 A List of Parish Registers Held in the Glamorgan Record Office, by Annie Lloyd
Vol. VIII, No. 4
(Winter 1994/1995)
115 Courtship and Marriage Settlements in Fielding's England, by Linda Jonas
122 Don't Underestimate the Importance of a Will! by Annie Lloyd
123 Finding the Trails Back to Our Irish Ancestral Homes, by Mary Gilpatric Russell
125 U. S. Passenger Lists and Indexes, by Linda Jonas
128 Pre-1837 Nonconformist Registers, information Sheet No. 5 - Glamorgan Record Office
132 Records of Poor Relief: Poor Law Union Records of Interest to Genealogists, information Sheet No. 8 - Glamorgan Record Office
135 Records of Poor Relief in the Glamorgan Record Office, Guides to Research No. 3 - Glamorgan Record Office

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