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Volume VI (1993)

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  In 1993 the Journal was a quarterly publication called British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Journal.




Vol. VI, No. 1
(Spring 1993)
English Genealogical Research Using Chancery Court Proceedings — Case Studies, by Dr. Ronald A. Hill
Welsh Patronymics & Place Names in Wales and Monmouthshire, courtesy of the Family History Library (Series A, No. 6, 1 July 1967)
Getting Help in England, by Mrs. Patricia Berner
34 Nine Generations of Females, by Dorothy Marshall
39 The British Isles Genealogical Register, by Iain Swinnerton
40 The Catholic Churches of Liverpool, by Nancy L. Bier
45 Burials in Coleraine, by Harry Hollingsworth
Vol. VI, No. 2
(Summer 1993)
53 The Early Nonconformists, by Michael Gandy B.A., F.S.G.
57 Nonconformists, by Lilian Gibbens
62 Lost Your Ancestor in the London Area? by Susan Lumas
65 Huguenots in the British Isles, by Michael Schulz
69 Catholic Irish Genealogy, by Charles & Marjorie McDonald
71 Some Examples of Quaker Records, by Donald & Marylin Hirst
75 Ask the Next Question! by Homer White (Author's account of visiting a cemetery and the additional information gained by asking a cemetery employee for additional information.)
76 Counties of England and Wales (before 1 April 1974)
77 Counties of England and Wales (after 1 April 1974)
78 Salt Lake City Film Numbers for Some London and Middlesex PRO RG-4 Series Volumes, by Donald Hirst
81 Major New Resources Announced — Cornwall Enthusiast Needed, by Rod Nordberg
82 London Jews and The Jewish West End Project, by David Abrahams
89 Family Search — Correcting Information in Ancestral FileÔ — from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
93 Accredited Genealogists — International (British Isles) — Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.
97 Family History Centers Located in California — Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
Vol. VI, No. 3
(Fall 1993)
102 Genealogical Records in an English Record Office, by Dr. Christopher Pickford
107 Historical Book Series, by Dr. James McN Stancill
108 Return to Ireland–1993, by Mary Jane Johns
110 Ancestors of Sgt. Alexander Thomas (of Cornwall & Wales), by Jeane Thomas Wain
112 Virgin Queen (biography of Elizabeth I), a book review by Phyllis Wohlfarth
113 Catholic Ancestors, by Michael J. Gandy
120 Family Story Materials in Local Published and Unpublished Records, by William G. Hartley
125 The Currer-Briggs Genealogical Index, by Noel Currer-Briggs (Author's index of several hundred thousand names of persons derived from unpublished sources covering the period of 1550-1700. Includes wills, proceedings in Courts of Chancery, Requests, Wards and Star Chamber, the High court of Admiralty, notarial records of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and much more.)
126 1881 Census of England & Wales, Fiche, listing by Marylin Hirst
128 Digging for Ancestors, by Gordon Bicknell (Author's account of trip to cemetery in an attempt to discover the birthplace of his "nomadic" great-grandfather.)
130 The British Army: Records of NCOs and Men of the Regular Army, by Capt. (Ret'd) Erik A. Gray
131 Estate Records and the Irish Tenant Family, by Judith Eccles Wight
135 North West Sound Archive (Archive at Clitheroe Castle, Lancashire which "makes, collects and preserves sound recordings of the life, character, history and traditions of the north west of England.")
136 Searching Scottish Family Records — Head of Registration (General Register Office for Scotland), by R.C. Lawson
137 List of Main Records in the Care of the Registrar General (Scotland)
Vol. VI, No. 4
(Winter 1993)
142 The Currer-Briggs Genealogical Index (Additional Information and Details), by Noel Currer-Briggs (Author's index of sources that would be of primary interest to those seeking to find the English origin of their emigrant ancestors...those emigrants to early Virginia and New England.)
144 What I Learned Too Late About My Scottish Heritage, by Robert Balfour (Author's account of lesson learned of not asking parents and grandparents family tree questions while they were still living.)
146 More About Maps & How to Obtain Them, by Marylin C. Hirst
148 1881 Census of England, Wales, and the Channel Islands, additional fiche, listed by Marylin Crandall Hirst
151 The Poor Law System in Stour Provost in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, by Dennis Yeatman
155 The Story of the Yeatman Family, by Dennis Yeatman
159 Where Were They, Before They Got Here? Tracing Population Movement in England — Using Case Studies, by Dean Hunter
161 Maritime History Archive — Memorial University of Newfoundland
162 List of the Principal Records of Merchant Shipping & Seamen, Showing Their Present Locations — Maritime History Archive
166 A Review of "Research Outline: Ireland", by Donald L. Hirst
167 Immigration to New England 1620-1640, by Forest D. King
178 English and Welsh Seminar (at BYU), by Bert Rawlins

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