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Volume V (1992)

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In 1992 the Journal was a quarterly publication called British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Journal.  




Vol. V, No. 1
(Spring 1992)
What's New in British Genealogical Research, by Dean J. Hunter, A.G.
Before the Trail Begins: English Sources for Locating Emigrant Ancestor, by Dean J. Hunter, A.G.
Family Search: Family History Library Catalog, by Jack & Gail Teague
15 International Genealogical Index
18 The Ancestral File
21 Social Security Death Index
25 That Elusive Irish Ancestor, by Loretta A. Walsh
32 In Flanders Fields, by Ivan C. Johnson
35 Civil Registration Addresses — Type, Date and Where
Vol. V, No. 2
(Summer 1992)
40 The Society of Genealogists in London and How to Use it from the U.S.A. and Canada, by Anthony J. Camp
45 Preparing to Visit The Public Record Office, London, by Dean J. Hunter
52 Touring England in a Rented Car, by Elizabeth Gourley Meier
53 London Revisited...A Better Trip This Time, by Elizabeth Gourley Meier
54 Scotland: The General Register Office — Changes in Statutory Fees (Detailed list of services and charges for extractions and certificates effective 1 April 1992.)
56 A Trip to Manchester, by Patricia Ann Jones
58 Immigrant Arrivals — A Guide to Published Sources (Reference Guides, Library of Congress)
71 Surnames: A Selected List of References (Reference Guides, Library of Congress)
79 Introducing New, Composite Indexes to Birth and Marriage Records in the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland, by David E. Gardner & George Jordan
Vol. V, No. 3
(Fall 1992)
81 Irish Resources- Libraries, Societies, Heritage Centres, etc., by Nora M. Hickey
91 Chapman County Codes, by Colin Chapman
Vol. V, No. 4
(Winter 1992)
128 Capt. G. S. Cary Collection, deposited at the Society of Genealogists, in London, by David E. Rencher, A.G.
131 Albion's Seed, a book review by Kay Ronald Devonshire
133 Lists of Londoners, an FFHS pamphlet review by Jeremy Gibson and Heather Creaton
134 Pre-1800 Scottish Research: Sources & Methodology, by Dean J. Hunter
137 Ruesch International (to send money to the British Isles)
140 A Research Trip to England — Northamptonshire, by Shirley Quickstrom
142 U.S. and European Emigration/Immigration Sources, by Ruth Ellen Maness, A.G.
146 Selected Microfilms Available at the Los Angeles FHC, by Marylin Crandall Hirst
148 Survey of Cardiff Publications, by Annie Lloyd
149 British Isles (Genealogical) Information on CompuServe, by Rod Nordberg
152 My Ancestral Research in Mauritius and Africa, by Jill Kirby
157 Exploring British Army Records, by Rosemary Canfield
159 Researching in the City of London, by Beth J. McCarty
165 English Genealogical Research Using Chancery Court Proceedings — The Records, by Dr. Ronald A. Hill
170 Auld Lang Syne, by Nancy L. Bier (Report of conference at Stranmillis College, Belfast and author's journey to PRONI, Linenhall Library, Public Library of Belfast and others.)
181 An American Family Tree Detective, by Michael Tanner
183 Family Search-Contributing Information to Ancestral FileÔ (The Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints)

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