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Volume IV (1991)

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  In 1991 the Journal was a quarterly publication called British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Journal.




Vol. IV, No. 1
(Spring 1991)
Irish Research (a fun approach sure tis), by (Rev.) Jerome L. Cummings
That Scotsman, St. Patrick, by Frank A. Lawrence
Garnered Grains of Genealogy: Personal Experiences Searching for Live Relatives, by Gordon Bicknell
8 Here's an Ancesotr You Wouldn't Want (William Crawford, alias Adams), by Harry Hollingworth, C.G., R.G.
17 Were Your Ancestors German? by Lilliane Tunstill
19 Article from The Daily Telegraph (London), by John Steele, Courts Correspondent
20 The Gathering of Cornish Cousins
21 Sources for Research in English Genealogy, compiled by Judith P. Reid, Library of Congress
32 Birth Places of Nottinghamshire People, by Geoffrey Oldfield
33 Fraser's 78th Highland Regiment, by Jean Marshall
34 British Merchant Seamen Records, by Dean J. Hunter
37 Research Centres in Scotland, contributed by David Rencher
40 Scottish Festival, and United Scottish Society Airfares
Vol. IV, No. 2
(Summer 1991)
44 Before the Trail Begins: English Sources for Locating Emigrant Ancestors, by Dean Hunter
50 Souces and Methods for Doing Irish Research in America, by David E. Rencher, A.G.
57 itfalls in the Early New York Passenger Lists with Special Emphasis on the Year 1829, by Harry Hollingsworth, C.G., R.G.
70 Updates, Corrections and Additions to "Scotland: A Genealogical Research Guide", by Paul F. Smart
74 Society Members Registering Surnames
75 Surname Index (to Members' Surname Registrations)
Vol. IV, No. 3
(Fall 1991)
  In lieu of the Fall 1991 issue of the Journal, each paid, current society member was sent a copy of Research Outline: England, published by the Family History Library (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Vol. IV, No. 4
(Winter 1991)
80 Introduction to the Cumulated Indexes
81 Cumulated Author-Title Index, 1988–1991
90 Cumulated Subject Index, 1988–1991

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