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Table of Contents for
Volume III (1990)

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  In 1990 the Journal was a quarterly publication called British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Journal.




Vol. III, No. 1
(Spring 1990)
Computer-Aided Research, by Forrest King
Close Rolls: Helpful in English Research in the Middle Ages, by James McNeill Stancill
Materials Recently Acquired from the Birmingham and Midlands Society for Genealogy and Heraldry, by Donald L. Hirst
7 Letter from Lincolnshie Archivist, Dr. G. A. Knight
8 A Trip to Lews, East Sussex (England), by Ann Woodhouse
10 City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery by Greater London Record Office (Information Leaflet No. 5)
11 Query: Are You a Whitfield Descendant
15 Our Visit to Guernsey, by Josephine J. Wilde
16 Scottish Old Parochial Registers Index (OPR), by Donald Hirst
18 The Isle of Man (IOM), by Margaret Carrington
23 New Members, Address Changes, and Members Registering Surnames
25 Surname Registration Index
36 Thoughts on My First Genealogical Trip to Ireland, by Peter Nolan
42 Ireland: Tracing Your Ancestors (The Irish Tourist Board)
44 Celebrating the Ties that Bind, by Kerry Klaassen Veale
Vol. III, No. 2
(Summer 1990)
49 5th British Family History Conference, by Barry Henson
53 Cornwall (Registrars and Superintendent Registrars)
55 Exeter
59 Cornwall Maps: Methodist Centers in Cornwall (59), The Cornish Hundreds (60), Cornwall's Medieval Towns and Boroughs (61), The Civil War in Cornwall (62), The Duchy of Cornwall (63), Ecclesiastical Parishes in Cornwall/Parishes Not in Phillimore (64), Ecclesiastical Parishes in Cornwall (65)
66 The Duchy of Cornwall, information assembled by Dr. Barry Henson
71 Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales
71 Clwyd Record Office — List of Record Agents
72 Surname Registration Index (entered since March 1990)
80 New Members, Address Changes, Members Registering Surnames
82 The Welhams of East Anglia, by Patricia Teaze
86 With Don Hirst and Nancy Bier in Oxfordshire, by Darlene E. McClain
90 Archdiocese of Armagh Record Centre/Genealogical Research in Armagh (Ireland)
Vol. III, No. 3
(Fall 1990)
93 An Instance of Fictitious Information in Scottish Civil Marriage and Birth Registratin in 1877, by David G. Cameron
95 Sunday Schools: The Origin of Mass Education in England, by (Mrs.) Ann Woodhouse
98 An Exciting Three-Week Genealogical Adventure in England, by Margaret J. Schulz
100 English Probate Records, by Beth J. McCarty
109 Dyfed Family History Society, by Annie Lloyd
111 "Draft" of Known Ship Data 1620–1640, by Forrest King
115 Map of Ireland (courtesy of LDS Family History Department)
116 Irish Records and Rumors of Irish Records, by David E. Rencher
121 Map of England and Wales (courtesy of LDS Family History Department)
122 Index of Trades and Professions, Canterbury Marriage Licenses, 1661–1676, submitted by Dr. James McNeill Stancill
124 Be It Remembered, by Ellen Nelson Hewitt
126 Getting Acquainted in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Durham and the Cotswolds, With a Little Bit of Scotland as Well, by Ruth and Newell Erickson
129 Castle Under a Rainbow, by Darlene E. McClain
131 Surname Registration Index (July–October 1990)
136 Changes of Address, New Members, and Surname Registrants
Vol. III, No. 4
(Winter 1990)
139 "Life Was Good" for the Whitfields of Early Cavan, by Carol Dexter Minson
143 "Be It Further Remembered," by Ellen Nelson Hewitt
144 Clwyd (Wales) Record Office
147 Irish Genealogical Services Ltd., by David McElroy
147 Kent Family History Society Record Publications
148 Accredited Genealogists — International
150 "List of Ships Sailing from Whitby, England, With Emigrants to Quebec, Canada, submitted by Dr. Gary Alan Dickey
152 Applying for a Reader's Pass at The British Library
155 The Brig William and Frederick Hollingsworth, by Harry Hollingsworth, C.G., R.G.
160 Surname Registration Index, prepared by Gail Teague
187 Listing of Members Submitting Surnames and New Members

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