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Table of Contents for
Volume II (1989)

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  In 1989 the Journal was a quarterly publication called British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Journal.




Vol. II, No. 1
(March 1989)
Our Not So Common Language, by Dr. Ivan C. Johnson
Colonial Occupations
Report on the Sheffield Record Office
7 Sheffield Record Office Searchroom Regulations
9 Bodleian Library
10 When to Hire a Professional Genealogist, by Harry Hollingsworth, C.G., R.G.
17 Scottish Research: Use of Parish Numbers in Civil Registration
18 England and Scotland Street Indexes
19 The Joys of a Genealogical Tour, by Patricia E. Teaze
22 A Genealogical Adventure, by Janet L. Powers
26 January 18, 1989, Meeting in Review, by Carol Minson (Topic: The First Hundred Years of British Settlement in North America. Speaker: Dean Alexander White III)
30 A Trip Home, by Gordon C. DeBeir
32 Comments from the Editor
33 Surname Registration Index
66 Current Membership List

Vol. II, No. 2
(June 1989)

73 Instructions to Enumerators (for the 1851 Census)
80 Green Paper on "Registration: A Modern Service" (from FFHS Family History News and Digest, April 1989)
82 the House of Lords Record Office, by H. S. Cobb, Clerk of the Records
83 Extract from "The Archives of Parliament", by M. F. Bond, M.A., F.S.A., Clerk of the Records, House of Lords, being a Summary of the Lecture given at the SOG, 12 March 1952
85 Professional Researchers Are Not Always Reliable, by Karen Porter
87 Information on The United Reformed Church History Society
89 Questions and Answers, column by Harry Hollingsworth
92 The Irish Connection, from a talk by Dr. Arlene Eakle
102 New Indexes from Ireland, provided by Dr. Arlene Eakle
110 Surname Registration Index
113 New Members and Address Changes for Society Members
115 The Water Closet, a story submitted by Ruby Harding
116 The Second Great Grand Daughter of an Ostrich Farmer, by Jill K. Kirby
Vol. II, No. 3
(September 1989)
118 My Successful Search and My Trip of a Lifetime, by Victoria Holt
119 District Register Offices in the Counties of England and Wales
122 A Generation Grid, by Frank Leeson
123 The Bodleian Library and the Genealogist, by Steven Tomlinson
129 Discovering Living Descendants, by Donna Ashbaugh
130 Irish Gems in Quebec City, by Brian O'Regan
132 Smith and Gardiner: A Valuable Resource, by James McNeill Stancill
133 Book Review of English Genealogical Congress: Selected Papers Given at the Congresses of 1978 and 1984
134 Letters to the Editor and Comments by the Editor (letter from Anthony J. Camp, Director, Society of Genealogists)
135 Current Listing of Members of the British Isles Family History Society of Los Angeles (as the Society was then known)
143 Surname Index (surnames being researched by members of the British Isles Family History Society of Los Angeles)
151 Medieval Research, summary of a talk given by Dr. Larry Pumphrey [summarized by Carol (Dexter) Minson]
167 The William Coull Anderson Library of Genealogy in Arbroath, Scotland, by Bill Chapman
167 Listing of members of the Association of Scottish Genealogists and Records Agents, as of March 1989
168 My Descent from Lucifer!! by Dr. Ivan C. Johnson
Vol. II, No. 4
(December 1989)
173 The Family History Library Catalog, by Donald Hirst
175 The National Library of Wales, by Annie Lloyd
177 Carmarthen City Public Library, by Annie Lloyd
178 Pre-1700 Suffolk Probate Records, by Evelyn Wallace
179 Burials in Churchyards and Cemeteries, by Donald Hirst
182 Experiences During Three Months of Research, by Dr. Gary Alan Dickey
185 Rules of the Society of Genealogists
187 The Borthwick Institute of Historical Research
189 Memories of Christmas in England
191 Information on Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Archives, submitted by Nancy L. Bier
192 Letters from Los Angeles and Sonora in 1888
197 Surname Registration Index
204 New Members, Address Changes, and Names and Addresses for Society Members Submitting Surnames
205 The Scottish Association of Family History Societies: Members of the Association, as of January 1990
206 Parish Registers Deposited in Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Archives Department
208 News of the Family History Library, Vol. 2, No. 1 (January/February 1990)

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