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Volume I (1988)

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  In 1988 the Journal was a quarterly publication called British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Journal.




Vol. I, No. 1
(March 1988)
Comments from the President/Editor
Our Irish Obsession, by Chuck and Marjorie McDonald
Searching Out My Suffolk Ancestors, by Evelyn Wallace
11 Frequency of the 74 Most Common Surnames in the United States during the 1790 U.S. Census
12 Unusual Occupation — 1881 Census of England and Wales
13 Book Review
18 Welsh Terminology and Vocabulary for the Genealogist
19 To Commemorate St. David's Day by the Welsh Society of Philadelphia
20 Population of the united Kingdom during Selected Census Years for England, for Scotland, for Wales
22 Registers of Apprentices, Freeman Records, Quarterage Books, and London Directories, by Arthur J. Cooke
23 Map of England and Wales
24 Frequency of Male Given Names in Bosbury, Herefordshire
25 Understanding and Using Scottish Civil Registration
27 Irish Counties and Their Dioceses
28 Listing of Accredited Genealogists from LDS, Jan 1988
29 Surname Interests of Our Society Members' Ancestry with Locality and Time Periods, Where Known
33 Garnered Grains of Genealogy, by Gordon Bicknell
34 Membership List: British Family History Society of L.A.
36 Member Societies of the Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS)
Vol. I, No. 2
(June 1988)
39 Comments from the Editor
40 Searching for My Ancestors in England, by Gordon DeBeir
42 Helps in Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor, by Don Hirst
46 County and City Record Offices in England
51 Marriage, Census, and Other Indexes for Family Historians, a book review by Jeremy Gibson
52 Genealogical Office Manuscripts Collection: An Untapped Treasure, by Don Hirst (some ideas on using manuscripts held by the Genealogical Office, Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
56 Genealogical Word List: Latin Part 1 (of 2 parts)
62 Our Scottish and English Adventures, by Pat Swan
64 The Welsh Alphabet
65 Garnered Grains of Genealogy, by Gordon Bicknell
66 Membership List: British Family History Society of L.A.
68 Comments: My Trip to Scotland and England, by Carole Garcia
69 Surname Interests Registered by Our Members
79 FFHS Publications for Sale
Vol. I, No. 3
(September 1988)
81 Comments from the Editor
82 UCLA Map Library, by John Speed
88 The Family Historian's Enquire Within (by F. C. Markwell and Pauline Saul), a book review by Donald L. Hirst
90 Registration Codes Used in St. Catherine's House Indexes
91 Family History Societies that Belong to the Federation of Family History Societies (a selected list)
93 Locality Finding Helps at the Los Angeles Family History Center Library, by Nancy Geitgey
95 Beginning Irish Research, by Donald L. Hirst
101 Obtaining Family Genealogy Through Oral History, by Dr. Gary Shumway
108 Surname Registration Index
115 Current Members List
Vol. I, No. 4
(December 1988)
121 Comments from the Editor
126 Parish and Vital Records Computer Printout
128 Parish and Vital Records List
130 International Genealogical Index (on microfilm)
134 Finding an IGI Source
137 The Scottish Association of Family History Societies
138 Association of Scottish Genealogists and Record Agents
140 Finding Her Mother After Fifty Years, by Wilma Kraemer
142 A Wonderful Day in Northumberland, by Carol Minson
145 November 1988 "Meeting in Review", by Carol Minson
150 Irish Records: Sources for Family and Local History (by Dr. James G. Ryan, 1988), a book review by Don Hirst
152 Genealogical Word List: Latin Part 2 (of 2 parts)
158 Surname Registration Index
163 Current Members Listing

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