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Can you trace your family back to Adam and Eve with documentation? Most of the BIBLE descendants in the United States can. Our emigrant ancestor, JOHANNES (HANS) ADAM BIEBEL, aka "Adam" and his wife, Maria Eva Muller, aka "Eve", were from Goersdorf, Alsace (which was at one time part of the German Palatinate). They arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on November 30, 1750 aboard the ship Sandwich. After 1756, but before 1773 HANS ADAM moved his family to the Rockingham County area of Virginia. From there this family has migrated across the United States. The surname BIBLE was originally spelled in Germany as BIEBEL.

Documentation from research done in France by Monsieur Daniel Peter, professional archivist at the Archives du Bas-Rhin, commissioned by R. Donahue Bible. On this page you will also learn some history of the area of Alsace from which Adam and Eve migrated; and about the people of the area today. A very interesting article.

The following pages are scanned images of documents sent to Donahue Bible by M. Peter -- all are in archaic German.

Adam was not the only BIEBEL in 1750 to leave the small village of Goersdorf for a journey across the "big pond". Hans Daniel Biebel arrived aboard the Edinburgh in the spring of 1750. We have some information regarding Daniel and his descendants. Monsieur Peter has not been able to find a common ancestor for these two men in his research, but our hunch is that they are cousins, especially coming from such a small village. Until very recently we have not been in touch with any of Daniel's descendants, and almost thought this line had died out, Hopefully, the descendants of these two Biebel men can get together and set up a "complete" BIEBEL/BIBLE database.

This family, like others, intermarried with several other families during the late 1700's and early 1800's. If you are researching any of these surnames you might run across a BIBLE or two:


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To find out about Hans Adam Biebel/Bible, his children and grandchildren the following page should be interesting. This family did not have an abundance of different given names, but they did have an abundance of children -- you might want to see why finding the correct "John," "George," "Philip," and others can be such a chore.

One of our researchers, while digging around, came up with some pages from some of the earlier family Bible's (the book). These pages are from the Christian Bible line and may help those of you just starting out in your research.

Check out some of the documents that have been transcribed. These transcribed documents are either located on our site or have been posted on the RootsWeb's Message Boards:

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THE FAMILY BIBLE was a family newsletter that is currently not being published. Past issues of THE FAMILY BIBLE can be viewed online.

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