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[25 Jul 2011&
19 Aug 2011]
Minor revisions. Added more comments in Viehbrandzeichen  
[29 Apr 2011] SIEBENBÜRGEN. Link corrections in "Siebenbürger Sachsen Familiennamen" pages.  
[15 Feb 2011] CANADA-USA New Heimattag date. RESOURCES Minor updates to Accessibility, Internal Numbering system, updated copyright dates. [home, changes & site map not updated]  
27 Jan 2011 Ninth anniversary of this website, and the counter has accumulated 24400+ hits.
Year in Review
: Another year with few changes to the website. More time was spent on research, especially Saxon relatives in the USA.
Site status
: currently 1206 files in 41 directories & sub-directories (293 html files & 913 images & other files). Total: 38 MB.
Future plans
: Updated family data to be up-loaded soon. (See also Eighth Anniversary)
Website Anniversary
23 Oct 2010 Minor updates and corrections. Links checked & updated. CANADA-USA Updated 2010 Heimattag info. Added Find A Grave and WEGHS Transcriptions columns to "WEST ELGIN (Ontario) CEMETERIES", added Evergreen Cemetery (West Lorne ON) (3 pages). Updated Grace Lutheran Church's Pastors page.  
27 Jan 2010 Eighth anniversary of this website, and the counter has accumulated 21600+ hits.
Year in Review
: Another quiet year, with mainly behind-the-scenes changes to the website. More time was spent on research. I've been exploring options for presenting my research results, as there are many families and a lot of supporting material.
Site status
: currently 1206 files in 41 directories & sub-directories (293 html files & 913 images & other files). Total: 38 MB.
Future plans
: Concentrate on unfinished projects and new family data. (See also Seventh Anniversary, Ninth Anniversary)
Website Anniversary
23 Jan 2010 SIEBENBÜRGEN Added the Malmkrog livestock brand to "Viehbrandzeichen in Mittel-Siebenbürgen" (Danke, Helga Weber)  
08 Oct 2009 Minor updates and corrections. Links checked.  
01 May 2009 Homepage counter has logged more than 20 000 visitors!  
27 Jan 2009 Seventh anniversary of this website, and the counter has accumulated 19100+ hits. 
Year in Review
: Another quiet year, with a spurt of activity at the end. More time was spent on research, which will be prepared for presentation in 2009. The hit rate (on the home page) has been fairly steady for several years.
Site status
: currently 1205 files in 41 directories & sub-directories (293 html files & 912 images & other files). Total: 37.8 MB.
Future plans
: Concentrate on unfinished projects and new family data. (See also Sixth Anniversary, Eighth anniversary)
Website Anniversary  
05 Jan 2009 SIEBENBÜRGEN Added Felsendorf microfilm indices (5 pdf files). Updated Kreisch & Peschendorf microfilm indices. Added "Dunesdorf Heute (Fotos 2007)" (3 pages). SCHLESIEN Added heading "Aktuelles - News & Current Events" on index page. CANADA-USA Updated links on "Selected Cemetery Photos" page. Added "Grace Lutheran Church - Church Councils 1951-1976". RESOURCES Added "Accessibility".  
29 Oct 2008 LINGNER Revamped and updated "Twins (Zwillinge) in my LINGNER Database". WIEHLE Added "5. Nachnamenverkartungsdienste - Surname Mapping Sites" links to "Der Familienname WIEHLE - The WIEHLE Surname". SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Pfarrer und Pfarrlehrer der evangelischen Kirche in Felsendorf". Added Felsendorf sections on "Evangelische Kirchenbücher - Lutheran Church Registers" & "Typische Sächsische Familiennamen - Typical Saxon Family Names" pages. RESOURCES Updated "Siebenbürgische Familienforschung" index (2007). Updated Webmaster Info. Revised "Internal Reference Number". Other small changes throughout site. Links checked.  
16 Apr 2008 Minor updates and corrections.  
27 Jan 2008 Sixth anniversary of this website, and the counter has accumulated 16400+ hits. 
Year in Review
: The site grew very little this year. More time was spent on other projects and on research. More growth is planned for 2008.
Site status
: currently 1093 files in 40 directories & sub-directories (277 html files & 816 images & other files). Total: 34 MB.
Future plans
: Concentrate on unfinished projects and new family data. (See also Fifth Anniversary, Seventh Anniversary)
Website Anniversary 
30 Dec 2007 SCHLESIEN Additional information provided for several Poems by email correspondents. SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Transylvanian Placenames in transition" & "Viehbrandzeichen in Mittel-Siebenbürgen". RESOURCES Updated and split "Personal Info" & "Website Acknowledgements". Verified hyperlinks and other minor changes.  
13 Nov 2007 Minor updates and corrections.  
05 Jul 2007 SIEBENBÜRGEN Reorganized index page to consolidate links relating to the village of Kreisch. Updated the "Siebenbürger Sachsen Familiennamen" tables with additional locations. Added "Mehr Siebenbürgische Familiennamen". CAN-USA Added "Die Siebenbürger Sachsen in Kanada".  
27 Jan 2007 Fifth anniversary of this website, and the counter has accumulated 13500+ hits. 
Year in Review
: The site is still growing, especially the RESOURCES and SIEBENBÜRGEN sections. New pages are sometimes prompted by unexpected opportunities rather than any long-term plan. There has been favourable recognition of this site in several public venues (wow!).
Site status
: currently 1084 files in 39 directories & sub-directories (272 html files & 812 images & other files). Total: 34 MB.
Future plans
: Concentrate on unfinished projects and new family data. (See also Fourth Anniversary, Sixth Anniversary)
Website Anniversary  
20 Jan 2007 Minor corrections. Link check.  
19 Dec 2006 Updated Ahnentafel and Tree pages with 20 new ancestors (information per Malmkrog church registers) (now 3 pages of tables). SIEBENBÜRGEN Added 4 Malmkrog church register index files (the 'early' years). RESOURCES Updated "Siebenbürgische Familienforschung" indexes with Jg.21 (2005) & Jg.23 (2006) (1 new page created by reducing from 7 to 6 years per page).  
01 Oct 2006 Minor changes in SIEBENBÜRGEN Indices section  
30 Aug 2006 SIEBENBÜRGEN Added information on lay-preachers to "Pfarrer und Prediger der evangelischen Kirche in Dunesdorf", "Pfarrer und Prediger... Malmkrog" and "Pfarrer und Prediger ...Großlasseln". Updated the church register indexes for Malmkrog. Added "Dunesdorf - Confirmations 1851-1900"  
12 Jul 2006 SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Pfarrer der evangelischen Kirche in Peschendorf". LINGNER Added "Interview - Elisabeth (Lingner) Wiehle, 5 May 1982" (4 files). RESOURCES Added Introduction section to "Zeitschriften - Periodicals". Updated "Personal Info & Acknowledgments". Counter on HomePage has passed 12000 !  
30 Jun 2006 Review of site CSS to optimize style statements (move statements to basic.css from individual page <head>, use more 'semantic' class & id names, use decendant selectors, etc.). RESOURCES Updated "Translation" (InterTrans added back, Gist-In-Time removed, all scopes updated). Minor changes to "Webmaster's Commentary" (CSS 'Helpful Books' added, formatting).  
May 2006 Discovered in August that my "Siebenbürgisch-Sächsische Familiennamen (Surnames)" section is included in a review of Transylvania resources at Computergenealogie/2006/05. The pdf file was part of my website from the beginning in Jan 2002, and expanded to the current html format in Jul 2005. Perhaps this link will help to reduce the higher search engine ranking that an unauthorized copy has received since Sep 2002.  
28 Apr 2006 SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Pfarrer der evangelischen Kirche in Malmkrog". RESOURCES Created new directory for periodicals & moved "Heimatblatt" & "Siebenbürgische Familienforschung" files into it. Added "Zeitschriften - Periodicals". Added ""Schlesischer Beobachter", 1955, Nr. 1-4. Inhaltsverzeichnis & Abbildungen der Zeitschriftseiten" (3 files).  
16 Mar 2006 Implemented some of the accessibility improvements suggested by "Dive into Accessibility". SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Pfarrer der evangelischen Kirche in Großlasseln & "Pfarrer der evangelischen Kirche in Kreisch".  RESOURCES Added ""Siebenbürgische Familienforschung", Inhaltsverzeichnis der Zeitschrift" (3 files).  
27 Jan 2006 Fourth anniversary of this website, and the counter has accumulated 10700+ hits. 
Year in Review
: The site is still growing, although less steadily this past year because of family committments and research opportunities.
Site status
: currently 954 files in 37 directories & sub-directories (255 html files & 656 images & other files). Total: 26 MB.
Future plans
: Planning to concentrate on unfinished projects and new family data. (See also Third Anniversary, Fifth Anniversary)
Website Anniversary  
02 Jan 2006 SIEBENBÜRGEN Regenerated the Dunesdorf Church Register index files (header, footer, hyperlinks).   
18 Dec 2005  Revised all anchor names to be compatible with id attribute. SCHLESIEN Regenerated the Strehlen Church Register index file (header, footer, hyperlinks). SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Typische Sächsische Familiennamen ... (Village Surname Lists)". Added Malmkrog Church Register indexes (3 files). More on "Anchor Names & ID"
30 Sep 2005 Homepage counter has logged more than 10 000 visitors!  
31 Aug 2005  Verified external hyperlinks. SCHLESIEN Regenerated the Gazetteer Silesia files (header, footer, hyperlinks) and added new page "Gemeindelexikon Schlesien (1905)" as overview.  SIEBENBÜRGEN Regenerated Hungarian census files (header, footer, page breaks, hyperlinks).  
06 Aug 2005
decoration There is a new WIEHLE in the world
my brother Bernie has married Lisa!
23 Jul 2005 Received my first Award from another webmaster! Unsolicited, unexpected and unplanned. The award & accompanying message have been placed in a new category called "Peer Recognition" on the "Website Acknowledgements" page.  
18 Jul 2005  Revised some icons. SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Pfarrer der evangelischen Kirche in Dunesdorf". Added "Viehbrandzeichen" to "Geschichte der Gemeinde Dunesdorf". Improved "Siebenbürgisch-Sächsische Familiennamen (Surnames)" (11 new files, previously there was only a pdf file).  
25 Jun 2005 2 Incidents occurred - related or co-incidence? 1) In late May, a scripting error (unclosed table tag) in one of the rotating ads placed on Freepages affected the screen dimensions (layout width) of all pages for several days. The appearance of my pages wasn't adversely affected by this error. 2) On June 11, it was discovered that all Freepages entries were disappearing from Google. Although Google had just upgraded their algorithms, this should not have affected so many page listings. My pages now seem to be all listed again.  
30 Apr 2005 New background image (based on a piece of hand-made cloth with crochet edging from Transylvania). Verified external hyperlinks using an on-line Link Checker as well as the Frontpage report function. Added "Ancestor Chart". LINGNER Added "Familienbuch Halvelagen - Familiennamenlisten (Surname Lists)". WIEHLE Added links for internet resources.   
31 Mar 2005  LINGNER Added links for internet resources. SCHLESIEN Added "1935 Kreis Strehlen - Behörden, Verwaltungen, Parteistellen, Vereine". CANADA-USA Added "Grace Lutheran Church - Stained Glass Windows". RESOURCES Split "Website History" (this page) into 2: new page is "Webmaster's Commentary".  
27 Jan 2005 Third anniversary of this website, and the counter has accumulated 8200+ hits. 
Year in Review
: The site is still growing, especially in the family sections, and still gets responses (queries & praise). Thank-you! Several 'lost' family branches made contact. Progress on the short and long term plans (expansion & enhancements).
Site status
: currently 864 files in 35 directories & sub-directories (236 html files & 375 images). Total: 23.8 MB.
Future plans
: Planning to concentrate on unfinished projects and new family data. (See also Second Anniversary, Fourth Anniversary)
Website Anniversary
09 Jan 2005 All pages now link to a favicon. Verified external hyperlinks. WIEHLE Photo of ship "Columbia" added to "Brief an Källners in Hude, 1953" (Thankyou Michael). SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Aktuelles - News & Current Events"  with link to Siebenbürgische Zeitung On-Line. Added new picture to "Kreisch". CANADA-USA Added post-1976 information to "Grace Lutheran Church - Congregation History" and updated information on pastors in "Grace Lutheran Church - Pastors & Synods".   
11 Dec 2004 LINGNER Updated "Brick Walls in my LINGNER Family Research". CANADA-USA Split "Rodney Cemetery (1)" into (1) & (3). Added "St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery". Added a favicon to the home page (other pages to follow suit). More on "Favicons"
26 Nov 2004 Based on favourable reviews I read, I have installed the Firefox browser from Mozilla. As webmaster, I try to check my pages at multiple settings and in several browsers -- IE, Netscape, Opera and now Firefox.  
07 Sep 2004  New source has added +100 ancestors to "Ahnentafel", now split into 2 pages. LINGNER Updated GenCht23, 24, 41, 43 & 50. RESOURCES Added Copyright & Website Tools sections to "Acknowledgments". Added "Website Copyrights" & "Graphics".  
02 Aug 2004  WIEHLE Added "Notizen über Familie HAUNSCHILD" & "Familienchronik der Familie HAUNSCHILD". LINGNER Added "Stammväter (Founding Fathers)... in meiner Familiendatei" with 38 linked chart files (with iframe tag) and "Legend". Added "Twins (Zwillinge) in my LINGNER Database". SIEBENBÜRGEN Added more links and a search box on HEIMATBUCH Dunesdorf - Einleitung" page. More on "Iframe tag"
30 Jun 2004 WIEHLE Added picture and footnote 23 to "Wichtige Notizen - 2. Teil". Updated "WIEHLE Lines & Researchers" and 3 added chart files. LINGNER Added "Brick Walls in my LINGNER Family Research". Improved "Reunion May 28, 1956" with script from TV report. SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "HEIMATBUCH für die Gemeinde DUNESDORF" (7 files). Created new directory for the 8 Dunesdorf-related pages.  
24 Apr 2004 SCHLESIEN Added "Reklame (Advertising) aus dem Strehlener Einwohnerbuch 1935" (2 pages). WIEHLE Added information to "WIEHLE Lines & Researchers". RESOURCES Revised format of "Comment & Explanations" section of this page and added additional information on character coding.  
28 Mar 2004 CANADA-USA Additions and a correction to "West Elgin (Ontario) Cemeteries".  
29 Feb 2004 Started implementing better alt and title texts. Checked links. WIEHLE Added "Der Familienname WIEHLE - The WIEHLE Surname" & "WIEHLE Lines & Researchers". More on "ALT and TITLE"
27 Jan 2004 Second anniversary of this website, and the counter has accumulated 5900+ hits. 
Year in Review
: The site has grown and still gets praise from visitors. Thank-you! New family contacts were made. However, the number of visitors to the Homepage were fewer than in the first year. Some progress on the short and long term plans (expansion & enhancements & translations).
Site status
: currently 628 files in 27 directories & sub-directories (173 html files & 417 images). Site now uses CSS for formatting. Javascript is used on 2 pages. Total: 21.4 MB. Google apparently spiders the site every 2 months. SiteLevel (WhatUSeek) search engine is updated after every upload.
Future plans
: same as before (see First Anniversary, Third Anniversary)
Website Anniversary More on "LANGUAGE"
03 Jan 2004 Updated links. WIEHLE Added English translation to Events in "Georg Wiehle im 1. Weltkrieg (WWI)". LINGNER Added English translation to "Mein Lebenslauf". CANADA-USA Added another Deed to "The Wiehle Family Farm (Documents)". Revised some map images in "Selected Cemetery Photos" section, added information to "West Elgin (Ontario) Cemeteries".  
05 Dec 2003
Elisabeth (Lingner) Wiehle (my mother), died Friday, December 5, 2003 in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada in her 80th year.
02 Dec 2003 Re-validated code. WIEHLE Added information to "Brick Walls". CANADA-USA Improved the "Wiehle Family Farm" page by splitting it into 2 files and adding a new page for associated documents. Added "Selected Cemetery Photos" (5 files). RESOURCES Updated "Personal Info and Website Acknowledgements".  
30 Oct 2003 Updated links. WIEHLE Added "Tagebücher 1953-1957" (5 files) and "Chronik der Familie PILZ". Added information to "Brick Walls". LINGNER Added "1960 Last Will and Testament of Michael LINGNER" and "Mein Lebenslauf". SCHLESIEN Added "Schwoika (Silingental) im Ablauf der Heimatgeschichte" (was 'lookup' only).  
30 Sep 2003 Website identification image (at top of each page) now links to Homepage. WIEHLE Added document images and information about the Columbia to "Reise von Crimmitschau nach Kanada". Added "Brick Walls in my WIEHLE Family Research". SCHLESIEN Added link to "Schlesische Tracht" page. SCHLESIEN - Church History: Some improvements affecting Kreis Ohlau & Breslau churches. RESOURCES Added navigation for section headings to top of Site Map.   
01 Sep 2003 WIEHLE Added "1881 Testament von Gottlob WIEHLE". SCHLESIEN Added partial Transcript of Strehlen Marriages microfilm (82 of 448 entries). Added "Uralte deutsche Güter in Mittelschlesien". CANADA Added paragraph on church district history to "Grace Lutheran Church - Pastors & Synods". Added "Nachtgebet" to Canada-USA page.  
27 Jul 2003 Updated links. Replaced the graphic on page bottoms: rosebird.gif is based on a drawing from an old children's book. WIEHLE Added "Erlebnisse in der Ostzone", "Wichtige Notizen - 1. Teil", "Wichtige Notizen - 2. Teil". Added "Birthday & Anniversary Greetings" javascript. LINGNER Added "Birthday & Anniversary Greetings" javascript.  
29 Jun 2003 Reviewed & revised META tags for "author, "source" and "contributor" (see A Dictionary of HTML META Tags for more) CSS Most font sizes changed to be scalable. WIEHLE Added 2 new files: "Georg Wiehle im 1. Weltkrieg (WWI)" & "Russian and Polish documents". CANADA-USA Improved "Ontario Places with German Roots" with map & additional information. SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Entwicklung der Einwohnerzahlen in der Schäßburger Gegend".  
01 Jun 2003 CSS & DTD changes complete. WIEHLE Added material to 2 files: transcription to "Hochzeits-Zeitung 1914" & images to "Process-Sache gegen Thiel (1880)". RESOURCES Updated Links, added books, revised Acknowledgements.  
29 Apr 2003  More pages converted to CSS, code validation, more image improvements, starting to indicate language blocks. RESOURCES Added Heisoft link on "Translation" page. WIEHLE Added 5 pages of family-related documents: "Process-Sachen..." & "Hochzeits-Zeitung 1914". SCHLESIEN Removed old redirects. More on "CSS Implementation"
03 Apr 2003  More image enhancements. Some coding fixes (anchors). Implementing "style" statements: I had avoided CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) until now because it was reportedly not consistently executed by all browsers, but I want to reduce some file sizes and include additional font choices. (I have also realized that monitor resolutions need to be taken into consideration). SCHLESIEN - Church History: Added 3 more map images to parish lists. SEARCH Corrected and added to Query Language definitions. (I have also downloaded Opera 7, giving me another browser (beside IE7, N4.7, N6.1) to check the appearance of my pages).  
02 Mar 2003 Increased interconnectivity, image enhancements. RESOURCES Added "Internal Reference Number", an explanation of the numbering system for related persons used in my databases. Updated "Translation" page.  
24 Feb 2003 SIEBENBÜRGEN & WIEHLE Image enhancements. SCHLESIEN - Church History: General improvements and updates. Separation of 3 Festschrift files into 17 individual parishes. Added files listing the villages comprising each lutheran parish in Kreis Strehlen, Ohlau, Brieg, Frankenstein, most of Breslau, some Reichenbach.  
02 Feb 2003 Image enhancements, added and verified internet links. SCHLESIEN Added opening page for "Schlesische Familiennamen"  
27 Jan 2003 First anniversary of this website, and the counter has accumulated 3200+ hits!
Year in Review
: I am still very pleased (and amazed) when people make the effect and respond with compliments. Thank-you again! Responses with requests are not surprising but that most have been in German was unexpected. Contact was made with several branches of family.
Site status
: currently 418 files in 20 directories & sub-directories. 119 html files, 267 images (jpg & gif) and 32 files of other types. Total: 18.2 MB. Google has spidered the site at least 3 times (in April, August & December). SiteLevel (WhatUSeek) search engine is updated after every upload.
Future plans
: Short term - continue to expand main sections with documentation from my research files, and enhance existing pages (faster-loading or better pictures or additional information, whatever is appropriate). Long term - prepare parallel translations of all texts. There are also several database projects on the go, which are to be included on the site. (See Second Anniversary)
Website Anniversary
03 Jan 2003 WIEHLE Added "Erlebnisse am Kriegsende". CANADA-USA Split page on "Grace Lutheran Church" into "Congregation History" & "Pastors & Synods" and added photos to "Pastors" table. Added barn diagrams to "Wiehle Family Farm". Moved images to new sub-directories in two sections.  
17 Nov 2002 RESOURCES Enhanced "Site Map" by placing the major divisions of the site in a table structure with identifying icons and section headings. SIEBENBÜRGEN Added "Grosslasseln". WIEHLE Added "Lebenslauf (1904)", "Die Verlorenen Söhne - The Lost Sons", "Reise von Crimmitschau nach Kanada 1953".  
31 Oct 2002 Updated weblinks, added navigation aids on some pages, reduced some file sizes. SCHLESIEN Replaced str-orte.pdf with str-orte.htm. "Gollschau" is now 4 pages (was 3). Corrections to Strehlen marriage register index. Added "1935 Amtsbezirke & Standesamtsbezirke". SIEBENBÜRGEN Updated Dunesdorf & Kreisch church register indexes.  
03 Sep 2002 &
15 Sep 2002
Have discovered that some (at least 5) of my SIEBENBÜRGEN webpages have been 'appropriated' without permission by 2 other sites.  
09 Aug 2002 SCHLESIEN Added "Strehlen (ev. luth.) - Heiraten (Marriages) 1838-1908".  
20-30 Jun 2002 Rootsweb Freepages down for several days during transfer to new servers. Afterward, this website needed only the removal of obsolete files and directories which were restored by the move.  
16 Jun 2002 SCHLESIEN Added excel spreadsheet file to EINWOHNERBUCH sub-directory. I tried several formats, but this table is way too big (135 columns & 2800 rows) for html or pdf and can't be sub-divided. Added "Großburg" page - cannot find any comparable pages on the web. Removed old redirects and broken links.  
07 Jun 2002 SCHLESIEN Added 12 new files on the "1935 Einwohnerbuch für Stadt und Kreis Strehlen". Add "slice boxes" to SEARCH box function.  
21 May 2002 Added Gist-in-Time & Google Translate to the TRANSLATION page.  
13 May 2002 Counter has logged 1000 visitors!  
21 Apr 2002 Google has recently spidered my site! The most recent updates aren't included but more searchers will find my site. Google is a very popular search engine and searches all file formats. Rootsweb is spidered every few months.  
20 Apr 2002 New subdirectory created to consolidate Silesian church history files & redirects left at old locations. Additions to various Silesian Recipe pages (now complete). CANADA-USA "Grace Lutheran Church" now posted.  
24 Mar 2002 SCHLESIEN Added remaining pages for "Oma WIEHLES Rezepte" (Gemüse, Fische, Braten, Saucen, Salate, Kompote und Speisen, Backzeug (1&2), Verschiedenes, Menü). Minor corrections on other pages.  
17 Mar 2002 Added WIEHLE "Ahnhof Kuschlau", SCHLESIEN "Stadt Strehlen" & "Oma WIEHLES Rezepte" (with "Suppen"), revised and expanded SIEBENBÜRGEN "Haushaltsgegenstände - Domestic Articles"  
03 Mar 2002 Added this WEBSITE HISTORY page. More minor corrections. Added more pictures to various SIEBENBÜRGEN pages, added pages on handcrafts, furniture, ceramics.  
20 Feb 2002 Announcement for "new Freepages website" appears in Rootsweb Review. About 300 visitors are logged in the next few days.   
18 Feb 2002 Uploaded minor updates and corrections as well as new pages: RESOURCES Links-1 & Links-2 (verified hyperlinks), GERMAN-DEUTSCH Germania (finally finished the introductory essay), Germanic Tribes, SIEBENBÜRGEN Peschendorf, Lieder.  
17 Feb 2002 Registered the site with Biggi's List and Rootsweb Regional Resources. (The new entries are not actually seen until Mar 18 and Mar 8).  
01-12 Feb 2002 Uploaded most of the remaining files (69 html files now on site). Corrections to code.  
31 Jan 2002 Opened 'account' at siteLevel for a search engine. Revised SEARCH webpage. siteLevel is free and spiders Adobe Acrobat files (PDF) as well as HTML. Lots of freedom to customize format. Since Rootsweb does not support Frontpage extensions, I couldn't use the Frontpage scripts for counter, search forms, or table of contents.  
27-31 Jan 2002 Created directory structure and started uploading files. Added Rootsweb counter. Index page entry appears on Freepages directory ('U') within a couple of days.  
25 Jan 2002 After almost 2 years of website development, have finally applied for and received webspace at Rootsweb Freepages. The proposed site and some files were already too big to post on most free sites and too expensive to be hosted privately. Also Rootsweb will give the site the exposure it needs to be used because of the domain's structure and automated links as well as my pages being in the "right" neighbourhood thematically. More on "Website Development"
COMMENTS on Website Development

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