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Award - "Kentucky is my Home" Website "Congratulations on winning my award. I understand how difficult it is to design and maintain a website and wanted to recognize you for this ability to share with others so willingly... I enjoyed your site very much! Thank you for being so willing to share with others." (July 2005)
Your Cousin in Genealogy, 
Sue Ann Morrow, Gulfport FL
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Website: Kentucky is My Home!
  GenWiki: German GenealogyOnline German Genealogy magazine "Computergenealogie" Issue 2006/05, chapter "Blick über den Zaun", includes a section of this website in its list of resources for Siebenbürgen
  WikipediaWikipedia articles reference pages from this website in bibliographies, especially for Translyvanian villages - (en) Boz, (ro)  Daneş & Laslea, (hu) Szászszentlászló,  (de) Daneș, (fr) Daneš - but also some other articles.
  WeRelate WikiWeRelate - "World's Largest Genealogy Wiki!", had included this website in its list of sources [since removed] even before I signed up as a contributor.


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