Ships Passenger List For The 'Tory'

Ships Passenger List "Tory"

Arrived at Victoria, May 14, 1851

(With many thanks, the Post History was received from the Hudson's Bay Company Archives)

Captain of the ship James Cooper, wife and family arrived as supercargo. Commanders 1850-1851 Captain Edward Duncan. Chartered from F.W. Green by the Hudson's Bay Company to carry labourers for the settlement on Vancouver Island. May 14, 1851, arrived in Victoria. June 4, 1851, left for Fort Rupert, but "was unfortunately detained eight days outside" before she got clear of the land in consequence of the weakness of her Crew, four of whom deserted at this place, and made their escape to Nisqually. June 18, 1851, arrived in Fort Rupert, despatched passengers, and sailed the next day for Oahu.

    Atkinson, William
    Barnes, Henry
    Bayley, Charles
    Blinkhorn, Thomas and wife
    Bond, Charles
    Bond, George
    Burden, John
    Burris, James and wife
    Cluett, Joseph
    Cole, Phillip
    Cole, Thomas
    Cooke, George
    Craigie, Thomas
    Croghan, William
    Cross, William
    Culley, George
    Dean, George
    Dean, Thomas Aubrey
    Elliott, Jonathan
    Fiandez, Richard
    Finlay, Christopher
    Firth, Robert
    Fish, James
    Fish, Robert
    Francis, James
    Francis, Matthew
    Garnich, William L.
    Geal, James
    Geal, George and wife
    Gorridge, Alvey
    Gregg, John(possibly)
    Grinham, Thomas
    Guthrie, William L.
    Hall, Thomas
    Hanham, George
    Harber, George
    Hayward, George
    Hodge, Henry
    Holland, James
    Holland, Thomas
    Horne, Adam Grant
    Humphreys, John
    Hunt, William
    Hutton, William
    Jupp, James
    Irvine, John and wife
    Isbister, William
    Lane, James
    Linklater, James
    Longhurst, Jarvies
    Lyons, Dennis
    Malcolm, John
    Metcalf, William and wife
    Northover, William
    Parsons, Thomas
    Pearson, John
    Pike, Edward
    Porter, Robert
    Ritch, William
    Salcomb, James
    Sales, William and wife
    Shute, Edwin
    Skea, David
    Smith, Richard
    Smith, Thomas
    Staples, Richard
    Stockland, William
    Stone, Edward
    Stove, James
    Stratford, Joseph and wife
    Thomas, George
    Thornhill, Richard and wife
    Wicks, George and wife
    Wiles, Emanuel
    William, Alfred
    Work, John
    Work, William and wife
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