Ships Passenger List For 'The Harpooner'

Passenger List of "The Harpooner"

The Harpooner which arrived in Esquimalt in June 1849, was the first barque to arrive with men for the coalfields bound for Fort Rupert. She was a three-masted vessel, square-rigged except for the mizzenmast, which was fore-and-aft rigged.
Benson, Alfred - surgeon and clerk
Cathie, James - baker
Flett, John - cooper
Fraser, William - farmer and labourer
McDonald, William - joiner and house builder
McDonald, William - farmer and labourer
McLeod, John - labourer
Morrison, James - farmer and labourer
Muir, John (Sr.) - overman
Munro, Thomas - gardener
Rose, James - blacksmith and engineer
Tolmie, Thomas - carpenter and housebuilder
Walker, William - blacksmith
Yates, James - ships's carpenter

Muir, Andrew(son of John, Sr.)
Muir, Archibald(newphew of John, Sr.)
Muir, John(son of John, Sr.)
Muir, Michael(son of John, Sr.)
Muir, Robert(son of John, Sr.)
McGregor, John
Smith, John

Annie Muir and Mary McGregor accompanied their husbands.

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