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Welcome to Vancouver Island
in Beautiful British Columbia.
We are proud to be part of the: British Columbia GenWeb Project
and the Canada GenWeb Project.

My name is Wendy Jones.  This site will be undergoing a major restoration. If you find pages that have links
that don't work, please email me!

Our Family far

Wendy's Family Tree

Jones, Sage, Dando, Nott, Cooper, Edmunds, Easlea - just to name a few

Robert Stubbins

  Dando - One Name Study

  The Sage Pages

 My Prairie Ancestors

Please email if you have a family connection

Dave's Family Tree

Cornwall, Yorkshire and Norfolk, so far

Stevens, Watling, Hobbs, Jacka, Fitt, Oatey, Otley, Firstbrook - just to name a few

Where is Vancouver Island?

Want more information?
Please contact Nanaimo Community Archives

"Genealogy Bug"  and "Dig Up Your Roots" by:

The Information Station