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Shuswap Lake BC, winter panorama from the mouth of Ross Creek in Magna Bay - Photo by JW Brown

"Shuswap Chronicles" is the Journal of the "North Shuswap Historical Society" (NSHS or Society). To date nine volumes have been published.

The Shuswap Chronicles document human history and settlement in the Shuswap Lake area of the southern interior of the province of British Columbia, Canada. Shuswap Lake is roughly the shape of the letter "H" The "bar" of the "H" is called the "Cinnemousun Narrows". Three branches or arms of the lake have names. They are Seymour Arm, Anstey Arm, and Salmon Arm for which the town of Salmon Arm is named. The fourth and largest arm of the lake does not have a name but is often referred to as the "main arm" of the lake. The land and communites to the North of the Lake are referred to as the North Shuswap.

The NSHS was formed in 1985 with the goal of gathering and preserving the history of the North Shuswap and its surrounding areas. The Society's archives, located in Scotch Creek, have a collection of photographs, diaries, letters, documents, and newpaper articles. The Society currently holds monthly meetings at Celista to conduct society business, work on the Chronicles, plan events, and to discuss the history of the communities and settlements surrounding the Shuswap Lake.

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