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Polk's Missouri State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1876-1877
Published by R. L. Polk & Co., St. Louis, Missouri

A village of 200 inhabitants settled in 1866 and located in the northeastern part of Bates county, 12 miles from Butler, the county seat, 20 from East Lynne on the Osage division of the M. K. & T. Railway, the nearest railroad station. and 267 by rail from St. Louis. Holden is probably the most convenient shipping point. The village contains three churches, Christian, Methodist and Baptist, and a district school. Its shipments are live stock, hides and general country produce. Stage to Butler and Holden; daily mail. D. W. Merrill, postmaster.

Burnett & Ray, blacksmiths.
Clark J W, hotel.
Dejarnatt J F, saloon.
Elvin Rev. (Christian).
Gislin J A, physician.
Lewis G B, grocer.
Manin A H, physician.
Morrill D W, Attorney at Law.
Stolp E A & Co. general store.
Tompkins Rev Israel, (Baptist).
Wainscott W G & Co, groceries and drugs.
Watson Daniel. carpenter.
Williams J T & Co, general store.
Woldridge Rev, (Methodist).
Wright M, physician.

A village of 400 inhabitants, in the southwestern part of Bates county, 7 miles south of Butler, the seat of justice, 18 west of Appleton city, on the M., K. T. R. R., its shipping point, and 270 west of St. Louis; it has a steam saw and grist mill, Baptist and Methodist churches, and a common school; flax, castor beans and corn are shipped; tri-weekly stage line to Butler, and semi-weekly mail. Decatur Smith. postmaster.

Bell J H & Co, millers.
Garrison George, hotel proprietor.
Haweltor J G, Grocer.
Smith Decatur, Physician.

The county seat of Bates county, is a prosperous place of some 1,500 inhabitants; it contains 4 churches, Methodist, Baptist, Cumberland Presbyterian and Presbyterian; 2 flour mills, and a number of good business houses. Appleton, on the M., K. & T. By, 20 miles distant, is its nearest shipping point; it has also daily stage communication with Appleton City and Les Cygne; shipments, general country produce and live stock. R. G. Hartwell, postmaster.

Austin O D, Bates County Record.
Bates County National Bank.
Beggs & Sager, photographers.
Boulware T C, physician.
Brashear T, grocer.
Childs T W, general store.
Cowles M S & Co, general store.
Cullor J W, general store.
Duff John, Jeweler.
Endes & Pollman, confectioners.
Everingham J, physician.
Fay F B, flouring mills.
Frazell & Lee, physicians.
Glessner Mrs P, millinery.
Graves J T, saddlery.
Hannah John W, hardware.
Jeter N B, jeweler.
Levy D & Co, clothing.
Levy S J, dry goods.
McClintock & Son, wool-carders.
McReynold & Schwenk, boots and shoes.
Maynard M A, booksellers.
Mills J H, blacksmith.
Nicholas H H, boots and shoes.
Patterson & Steele, grocers.
Peutzer H V, furniture.
Pfeifer P, cigars and tobacco.
Power & Bro, flouring mills.
Pyle E, druggist.
Renick O F, physician.
Riddle & Smith, stoves.
Robinson H B & Bro, blacksmiths.
Sackett F, grocer.
Shaw & Lamdown, druggists.
Sprague & McBride, grocers.
Wade & Scudder, publishers Democrat.
Weil R & Co, boots and shoes.
Wheeler B G & Co, hardware.

A postoffice in Bates county, 18 miles northeast of Butler, the county seat, 63 by rail southwest of Sedalia, and 250 west of St. Louis; Montrose on the M., K. & T. Ry, 15 miles southeast, is its shipping point; mail once a week. Henry D. Brooks, postmaster.

A postoffice and village in Bates county, 13 miles north of Butler, the seat of Bates, and 75 southwest of Sedalia; Harrisonville, 16 miles north on the Osage division of the M., K. & T. Ry, is its shipping point; settled in 1857; population, 150; daily mail. Wm. S. Hughes, postmaster.

Cox A, blacksmith.
Fair H L, General Store.
Huff James, general store.
Hughes Rev Wm S, General Store.
Knisley J, carpenter.
McGraw James, blacksmith.
Mills H, hotel propr.
Moudy H, general store and hotel.
Neff G W, carpenter.
Shelton Rev E T.

A small village of 40 inhabitant, situated in Bates county, 3 1/2 miles from Appleton City, the shipping point; stage communication with Appleton and Butler daily; semi-weekly mail. Margaret Bryner, postmistress.

Sturdevant S C, general store.
Taylor Austin, physician.

A small postoffice in Bates county, 12 miles from Butler, the county seat, 8 miles west of Appleton City, its railway point on the M., K. & T. Ry, and 250 from St. Louis; it has a daily mail. John W. Brown, postmaster.

A postoffice in Bates county, 12 miles southwest of Butler, the county seat, 12 east of Pleasanton, Kan, its shipping point of the M. R., Ft S. & G. Ry. and 75 south of Kansas City; mail, tri-weekly. Lewis Speece, postmaster.

A post village in Bates county, 14 miles west of Butler, the county seat, and 13 east of La Cygne, Kansas, its railroad point on the M. R., Ft. S. & G. R. R.; live stock. butter, eggs, etc, are marketed; population 50; mail daily. W. M. Robinson, postmaster.

Davis C G, physician.
Leech M S, druggist.
Leech Robert, hotel propr.
Pattison Thomas, carpenter.
Robinson W M, general store.
Rollins E G, blacksmith.
Taylor Rev John, (United Presbyterian).

A small village on the Marais des Cygnes river, in Bates county, 18 miles southeast of Butler, the county seat, and 8 west of Rockville station on the M., K. & T. Ry, to which it has a daily mail stage line; population 220. R. Lyle, postmaster.

Anderson & Miers, druggists.
Bryan A J, physician.
Lee E A, physician.
Lindley D J, druggist and physician.
Miers G W, Hotel Propr.
Richardson J L, hotel propr.
Richardson & Smith, druggists.
Sanderson T D, hardware.
Shaver & Deihl, grist and saw mill.
Wilson D H, general store.
Zeal P, general store.

A postoffice and hamlet having 150 inhabitants in Bates county, 14 miles south east of Butler, the county seat, and 256 west of St. Louis; Appleton City, on the M. K. & T. Ry., 10 miles distant, is the shipping point; mail tri-weekly. J. Newton Mains, postmaster.

Barker T, wool carding.
Brooks & Mains, general store.
Roten Thompson. physician.
Wayland W H, hotel propr.
Whipple, N L, M.D., druggist.

A village of 100 inhabitants in Bates county, 18 miles southeast of Butler, the county seat, and 250 west of St. Louis; Rockville, on the M., K. & T. Ry, 6 miles distant, is the shipping point, with which it has daily stage communication. Nicholas Johannes, postmaster.

Bachman Charles, mason.
Catenhusen Rev John, (Lutheran).
Conrad F W, boot and shoemaker.
Conrad John, wagon maker.
Durand John, nursery.
Heiner Rudolf, blacksmith.
Johannes N & Bro, general store.
Mechler Charles, boot and shoemaker.
Wehms John, carpenter.

A small place in Bates county, 12 miles south of Butler, the county seat, and about 75 southwest of Sedalia; ship to Rockville via the M., K. & T. Ry; mail semi-weekly. George Reif, postmaster.

Allen, Wm H, physician.
Benvauthusen J , blacksmith.
McClintock H D, physician.
Reif George, General Store.
Spencer Rev O B. (Christian).
Trogdon J D, Blacksmith.
Ware Wm, hotel propr.

A promising town of about 1000 inhabitants, on the M., K. & T. Ry. in the southeast corner of Bates county, 25 miles from Butler, the county seat, and 230 from St. Louis. It has Methodist, Baptist, Christian, and Seventh-day Baptist churches, and a good free school; telegraph, W. Union; express, Adams; daily stage line to Papinsville and Prairie City, and daily mail. William Hollandsworth, postmaster.

Benfield A L, livery.
Bowling J M, General Store.
Elliott W L, saloon.
Fields Mrs M, milliner.
Fields & Buskirk, grocers and druggists.
Figuet Mrs E, milliner.
Figuet W F & Bro, drugs and groceries.
Hart J, physician.
Henry W A, physician and druggist.
Hollandsworth Wm, General Store,
Hull A B, propr Osage House.
Johannes N J & Bro, general store.
Lewis H H, propr Eagle Hotel.
Ruble J W & Co, wagon makers.
Shaw J, lawyer.
Sherman W H, lawyer.
Smith G W, General Store.
Stephenson G W, lumber and grain.
Stillwell E, furniture.
Vickers J L, lawyer.
Ward J T, railroad and express agent.

A postoffice in Bates county, about 12 miles northwest of Butler, the county seat.

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