Williams Lake 1893 Directory

Williams' Lake
1893 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1893 Williams Directory of BC.

Williams' Lake: In the Dominion Electoral District of Cariboo and Lillooet, and Provincial of Cariboo.  It is 12 miles from 150 Mile House, which is the nearest post office.  there are some fine ranches in the vicinity, also a grist mill and saw mill and near the head of the lake is St. Joseph's Mission, also the fine farm owned by Mr. C.B. Eagle.  The lake is generally reached by regular stages from Ashcroft twice a week.

Anders, Wm. J. - labr
Bowman, J.W. - millwright
Callan, Patick - blacksmith
Chambers, Thos. - labr
Chippian, Rev. Jean D. - St. Joseph's Mission
Conners, Wm. - fmr
Cunningham, M. - fmr
Dassault, David - fmr
Dassault, Jos. - fmr
Eagle, Chas. B. - fmr
Evans, Geo. - lbr
Guillet, Felix - fmr
Grandidier, Rev. Jos - St. Joseph's Mission
Hughes, John - lbr
Lalonde, Jos - blksmith
Lyne, John - fmr
Lyne, Wm. - blksmith
McCallum, Daniel - miner
Mansfield, Morris - fmr
Marchal, Rev. Charles - St. Joseph's Mission
Paxton, Thos. B. - rancher
Pinchbeck, Wm. jr. - fmr
Stein, Geo - fmr

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Posted 11 April 1999