Quesnelle Forks, 1895 Directory

Quesnell Forks
1895 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1895 Williams Directory of BC.

Is one of the oldest mining camps in Cariboo district, about 60 miles from 150-Mile House; pack trail from Soda Creek 54 miles, Mails weekly during summer via 150-Mile House and fortnightly during winter from Ashcroft Station, 190 miles.  Nearest telegraph office Soda Creek, it is in the Dominion Electoral District of Yale-Cariboo and Provincial of Cariboo.

Ballew, Irvin - miner
Barker, J. R. - miner
Beaton, Arch - miner
Begett, C.M. - carpenter
Bellmend, J.E. - miner
Birrell, Anderw - miner
Brodie, John - miner
Champion, James - civil and mining engineer
Cussou, Bert - miner
Emory, D. - miner
Evans, R.R. - miner
Fook Lang Lung - general trader
Grey, James - miner
Haugh, Jeff - miner
Hepburn, Jno - mine superintendant, Vic Co
Hobson, H. B. - accountant
Hobson, J. B. - supertintendant Cariboo and Horsefly Mining Co.
Hunter, E.E. - miner
Hunter, Robert - miner
Kenneday, Peter - miner
Kin Fong - general trader
King, P.W.W. - accountant
Knight, Archie C. - miner
Korter, Jno - miner
Low Quan - general trader
McGregor, Hugh - miner
McKay, David - miner
McLean, Alex - miner
McPerson, A.D. - miner
McQuade, Hugh - miner
McRae, John - millwright
McRae, Peter - miner
McTernahan, J.C. - miner
Meloy, John - miner
Metz, John - trapper
Meyer, Matt - miner
Moe, G. - miner
Moore, James - miner
Moore, Joseph - trapper
Morrison, Jno - miner
Mullen, E.G. - miner
Newell, Hires - trapper
Polleys, W. 0 miner
Roumage, F.S. - miner
Smith, George - clerk
Stephenson, William - government agent and postmaster
Stewart, Neil - miner
Taylor, William - miner
Thormahien, Theo - miner
Valler, Alex - miner
Veith & Borland - general traders
Watham, Thos - miner
Weeks, Edward - Miner
Woodman, T.F. - blacksmith
Wo Sang - general trader
Wright, E.F. - miner

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Posted 4 February 1999