Quesnelle 1893 Directory

1893 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1893 Williams Directory of BC.

Quesnelle: In the Dominion electoral District of Yale-Cariboo and Lillooet and Provincial of Cariboo, is beautifully situated at the confluence of the Quesnelle and Fraser Rivers.  It is reached by weekly stage from Ashcroft station on the C.P.R., distance 225 miles, fare $37.00.  Mails weekly, has a telegraph and express office, (R.C. Express Co.).  Nearest banking point Kamloops.  There are four general stores, two hotels (Occidental, Golden Eagle), and one church, Episcopalian, also a school.  The Hudson Bay Co.'s Post makes Quesnelle a centre for collecting furs from the surrounding districts and does a large boating business with other posts up the Fraser.  The farmers around and below Quesnelle supply all the farm produce consumed by the miners around Barkerville.  Messrs. Reid & Johnston's flour mill is situated here.  Government agent and road superintendent Jas. H. St. Laurent, telegraph operator J. E. Bowron.  Population 150.

Aguayo, Jos. - packer
Baker, August - fmr and teamster
Barlow, Abraham - JP, fmr
Bench, Benjamen - labr
Belanger, Gabriel - prop. Golden Eagle Hotel
Blair, Chas. - lbr
Blair, John - lbr
Blair, John H. - lbr
Blair, Robt. - engineer
Bohannon, S.H. - fmr and butcher
Bouchie, Edward - lbr
Bouchie, Wm. sr. - ferryman
Bouchie, Wm. jr - lbr
Bowron, J.E. - telegraph operator
Boyd, John - fmr
Boyd, John C. - accountant H.B.Co.
Brown, Jos. - fmr
Carson, Alfred - fmr and blacksmith
Clarke, Geo. B. - engineer and clerk
Conklin, George - miner
Craig, James - labr
Cummings, James - cpntr
Davis, H. F. - fur trader, Peace River
Deacon, James - miner
Deschamps, Antoine - miner
Deschamps, Benj. - fmr
Downes, Stephen - fmr
Duclos, Exis - fmr
Duclos, Geo
Ewing, William - labr
Fleming, John - labr
Frasers, James A. - school teacher
Golden Eagle Hotel - G. Belanger, prop.
Gravelle, Jerry - labr
Hagarty, M. M. - butcher
Hudson's Bay Co. - A. McNaughton, mgr
Johnston, Geo C. - miner
Johnston, John W. - miner
Johnston, Wm. Albert - mill owner and fmr, Reid & Johnston
Laronde, Chas - packer
Lock, Alexr. - stage driver
Maxwell, Thos. - miner
McCormish, M. - labr
McDonald, D.W. - carpt
McIntosh, Allan - labr
McLean, John - prop. Occidental Hotel
McLeese, John - miner
McNaughton, Arch. - mgr. Hudson's Bay Co.  and postmaster
McNeil, Theophile - labr
McPhail, Angus - miner
Middleton, Robt. - fmr
Moffat, Harry - fmr
Moffitt, Charles - teamster
Occidental Hotel - John McLean prop.
Olsen, Andrew - fmr
Oriollie, Maurice - miner
Parker, William - stage driver
Patterson, James E. - labr
Pickard Geo - fmr
Reid & Johnston - Cariboo roller, saw and shigle mills
Reid, Hon. James Sen. - general store and express agent
Robinson, James - miner
Robertson, Wm. - blacksmith
Selems, George - miner
Shepherd, Edmund C. - boat builder
Sheridan, Wm. - labr
Staebler, Chris - labr
St. Laurent, Jos. H. - Govt. Agt. and road superintendent
Therridn, Jean - labr.
Thomas, Wm. - labr
Vigeant, Domax - labr
Wallace, Alex H. - fmr, 13 mile house
Yeats, Anthony - miner, Bonanza Mine
Wah Lee - Chineese merchant
Yan Wan - Chineese merchant

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Posted 12 April 1999