quesnelle 1887

Quesnelle Post Office
1887 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1887 Williams Directory of BC.

Quesnelle, situated on the banks of the Fraser, at the mouth of Quesnelle River, is an important point, being the objective point of both railway routes sketched out for this part of the province. The fur trading and fitting out for a long distance up the Fraser are done here. Two hotels, several stores and a sawmill are to be found here, The Chinese on the bars of both rivers contribute to swell the revenue of the place, and the heavy ox teams seldom go further than this. Good vegetables are grown here for export to the mines, and a school keeps the rising generation up to the requirements of the age. The stage arrives weekly on Thursdays, carrying mail. The Hudson Bay Co. and Jas. Reed, Esq., M.P. keep large stores here.

Alexander, J.M.L. - H.B. trader, Fort St. James
Armitage, John - miner
Baker, August - fmr
Barlow, Abraham - merchant
Barlow, Miss Isabel - post mistress and telegraphist
Bartrain, William - road foreman
Bergault, Peter - teamster
Bohanan, J.H. - farmer
Boulanger, Aug. - fmr
Boyd, John - farmer
Brown, Joseph - farmer
Buschie, Wm. - farmer
Carson, Alfred - blacksmith
Copp, Orlando - miner
Cowan - clerk
Cummings, Jas. - carpenter
Davis, H.F. - fur trader
Deacon, Jas. - miner, Hixon
Deschamps, Berjam - laborer
Downs, Stephen - fmr, Australian Ranch
Duclos, E. - fmr
Duhig, D.D. - hotel keeper
Dusseaux, Joseph - laborer
Elmore, Geo - fur trader
Evans, Eyrs - trapper, Stuarts Ferry
Hagarty, Michael - Clerk, Bo est.
Harris, John B. - butcher
Heath, C.H. - miner
Hudson Bay Co. - merchants
Johns, Joseph - miner, Hixon
Johnston, W.A. - road contractor
Johnston, John W. - hostler
La Ronde, Chas. - packer
Lock, Alexander - stage driver
Marshall, Theodore - miner
Middleton, Robt. - blacksmith
McCornish, John - laborer
McLean, John - hotel keeper
McNeill, Theople - laborer
McPhail, Angus - teamster, Cold Spring
McNaughton, Archibald - clerk (Hudson Bay Co.)
Northcote, Miss Alice - teacher
Odgen, Chas. - trader, Fort George
Olsen, Andrew - farmer, Australian Ranch
Pickard - farmer
Reid, Jas. - M.P., merchant
Robb, David - miner
Robb, William - miner
Roberston, Finlay - labourer
Selms, George - miner
Shepherd, E.C. - miner
Shepherd, John - pilot
Shepherd - miner
Skinner, Robert J. - chief trader (Hudson Bay Com.)
St. Laurent, Joseph - road supt. & govt. agt.
Staebler, Christopher - laborer
Thormalin, Theodore - miner, Hixon
Wallace, Alex - farmer

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Posted 13 January, 1999