1887 Directory of Harvey & Keithley

Harvey & Keithley
1887 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1887 Williams Directory of BC.

Post Office Address: Barkerville

Adams, James - miner, Snow Shoe Creek
Anderson, Robert - miner, Snow Shoe Creek
Anderson, William - miner, Snow Show Creek
Barker, John K. - blacksmith, Forks of Quesnelle
Barr, Robert - miner, Snow Shoe Creek
Bell, John K. - miner, Keithley
Birrell, Andrew - miner, Harvey Creek
Borland, Robert - trader, Keithley Creek
Bruce, Robert - miner, Keithley Creek
Carstens, Frederick - miner, Keithley
Clements, J. - miner, Keithley
Collins, J. - miner, Harvey Creek
Gardell, Nicholas - trapper, Harvey Creek
Glendenning, Peter - miner, Harvey Creek
Greig, Robert - miner, Harvey Creek
Guy, Frank - farmer, Beaver Lake
Hayward, Thomas - miner, Snow Shoe
Johnston, Thos D. - miner, Harvey Creek
Kyse, Samuel - miner, Snow Shoe
Littler, Fred - expressman, Keithley
Malcolm, J. - miner, Harvey Creek
Martin, J. - miner, Snow Shoe Creek
Mathers, Jas - miner, Harvey Creek
Metz, John - trapper, Forks of Quesnelle
Moore, Jos - trapper, Forks of Quesnelle
Moore, James - clerk, Keithley Creek
Morris, J. - miner, Havey Creek
McGovern, P. - miner, Snow Shoe Creek
McLennan, Farquahar - miner, Keithley Creek
McLeod, Kenneth - trapper, Harvey Creek
McNab, Robert - trapper, Snow Shoe Creek
McRae, Donald - miner, Keithley
Newell, Hizer - trapper and miner, Keithley
Pearse, T. - miner, Keithley
Penberthy, Joseph - miner, Keithley
Pierce, Thomas - miner, Snow Shoe
Polleys, William - miner, Snow Shoe
Polmere, William - miner, Snow Shoe
Rankin, Donald - miner, Harvey Creek
Rosebrock, T. - miner, Harvey Creek
Scott, Robert - miner, Snow Shoe
Sievewright, James - miner, Keithley
Smith, John P. - miner, Snow Shoe
Stephenson, William - government agent, Forks of Quesnelle
Strain, James - miner, Snow Shoe
Tell, Edward - miner, Snow Shoe
Thompson, W.G.H. - miner, 150-Mile House
Thonvenin, Alexander - miner, Keithley
Thonvenin, Charles - miner, Keithley
Truman, George - miner, Keithley
Trewhella, Edward - miner, Harvey Creek
Turley, James - miner, Harvey Creek
Veith, George A. - mine, Keithley Creek
Veith & Borland - merchants and miners, Keithley
Williams, W.M. - miner, Keithley

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Posted 4 February 1999