Harper's Camp in 1919

Harper's Camp
1919 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1919 Wrigley's BC Directory.

A post office and farming district on Horsefly River in Cariboo Provincial district, reached by stage from Lac La Hache, on the Carbioo road.  Has telegraph office and public school.  Population 175.  Local resources: farming, mining and trapping.

Anderson, Robert - farming
Bell, C. - general store
Borde, L.A. - mining
Boswell, William - trapping
Brents, E.S. - farming
Campbell, A. Blackwood - fur buyer
Campbell Robert - Justice of the Peace
Chambers, Raymond - farming
Chambers, U.S. - cattle raising
Chambers, Wysus - farming
Christie, Edward C. - trapping
Clayton, Eugene - mining
Cotton, Charles - trapping
Dogherty, A.F. - farming
Finlayson, Geo - mixed farming
Fraser, Gordon - cattle raising
Fraser, Phillip - mining
Gibbons, R.Y. - mixed farming
Greer, Thomas R. - dairying
Gruhs, Ben sr. - mixed farming
Gruhs, Ben jr. - mixed farming
Holland, J. - cattle raising
Hooker, Thomas - farming
Jones, F.W. - mixed farming
King, Edward - mining
Kroenes, Otto - farming
Leveridge, William - mining
Marchan, Ed - farming
McCachern, Romeo - trapping
McKenzie, William - cattle raising
McLean, M. - farming
Meiss, Mrs. A. - postmistress
Meiss, Alexander - fur buyer and hotel keeper
Mikkelsen, John - trapping
Mikkelsen, Peter - farming
Mikkelsen, Thomas - farming
Myers, Fred - mixed farming
Nicol, Mrs. Alexander - mixed farming
Patenaude, Abert J. - dairy farming
Patenaude, G. Bryson - dairying
Patenaude, J.P. - property holder
Patenaude, Spencer Hope - farming
Pegus, H. A. - mixed farming
Peterson, John - mixed farming
Peterson, Thomas - mixed farming
Reid, William - farming
Robertson, R. - dairying
Rud, W.H. - dairying
Simpson, James M. - trapping
Thygesen, Ed - farming
Versepulch, Ed - farming
Walters, H. Lloyd - dairying
Walters, Lloyd - farming
Wawn, J. - mixed farming
Webber, Robert - farming
Webber, Thomas - dairying
Williams, J.R. - farming
Youngerin, Arthur - farming

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