Profile of Grant Grinder

A Profile on Grant Grinder of Quesnelle Forks

This pioneer family profile is largely being compiled from public records.   Thank you to Elizabeth Milewicz, for providing information for this profile and for her offer to share with others interested in Grant Grinder.   Please forward any comments/corrections or additions for this page to Wanda Story.

1864 - Grant Grinder was born around this time, possibly around Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA..

1868 - Eva Clerc Archer was born the 9th of November at Saundridge, Longford, Tasmania, Australia, the daughter of Robert Joseph Archer and Ellen Elizabeth Clerke.

- Grant was a railway telegrapher in the US

1885 - At the age of 21, Grant went "west" from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA to the BC Cariboo

- Grant worked at the Gang Ranch.

- Grant worked at Barkerville and Soda Creek as the telegrapher.

-Grant was the manager of Bullion Mines.

1912 - At the age of 44, Eva Clerc Archer came to the BC Cariboo.

1915 - Grant Grinder, now 51 years,  married Eva Clare (sic) Archer (aged 46 years) on September 7th in 150 Mile House (BC Marriage Reg. Number: 1915-09-171793,  B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B11387)  Grant and Eva would have no children.  Grant was a telegraph operator at Quesnel Forks at the time.

1919 - Grant appeared within 1919 Wrigleys BC Directory of Quesnel Forks with the occupation 'general store and Deputy Recorder Provincial Mines Department. Grant would work the telegraph office at Quesnel Forks for a total of 27 years 

- Grant was a Justice of the Peace.

- Grant retired from the Yukon telegraph and made his home in Quesnel.

1947 - Grant Grinder died on March 11 at the age of 83 years in Quesnel.  (BC Death Reg. Number 1947-09-002926, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number B13193) Grant had lived in the Cariboo for 62 years.  An obituary was printed in the Cariboo Observer

1958 - Eva Clerc Grinder died on March 13th, at the age of 89 years in Quesnel.  (BC Archives Death Registration Number 1958-09-003886, BC Archives Microfilm Number B13236)

 Grant was also a member of the Masonic Order and received a gold medal from the Pennsylvania Lodge.

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