Galpin Family History

Galpin Family History

This pioneer family profile is mostly being compiled from public records, family members have not been contacted.    Please forward any comments/corrections or additions to Wanda Story.

1829 - Thomas Dixon Galpin was born in Dorchester, England.

1831 - Emma A. Parr was born in Birmingham, England .

- Thomas Dixon Galpin married Emma A. Parr in England.

1853 - A daughter Annie L. was born in London, England.

1855 - A daughter Millie E. was born in London.

1857 - A son William E. was born in London.

1859 - A daughter Caroline F. was born in London.

1861 - A daughter Alice M. was born in Datchet, Buckingham, England.

1862 - A son Sidney C. was born in Datchet.

- Thomas Dixon Galpin was the Galpin in "Cassell, Petter & Galpin" London Publishers who published many books, including Canadian and American ones.

1863 - A daughter Beatrice Maud Galpin was born in Datchet, England On March 15th.

1867 - A daughter Ethel A. was born in Datchet.

1867 - A daughter Florence M. was born in Datchet.

1868 - A daughter Mabel Clare Galpin was born in Datchet.

1870 - A daughter Bessie M. was born in Datchet.

1881 - Thomas Dixon and Emma Galpin are listed in the census in the district of Datchet, Buckingham, England with 11 children, ranging in age from 11 years to 28 years.  Thomas is listed as a Publisher, his son William is listed as an Artist.  The family also lists that they have 2 friends living with them and 12 servants, a butler, two footmen, a cook, a kitchen maid, a scullery maid, three housemaids, a nurse and two workman.

1884 - The Gang Ranch lands now totalled 15,600 hectares, but the ranch was in dept $100,000 to Thomas Dixon Galpin.

1888 - Beatrice Maud Galpin married Cuyler Arthur Holland on July 26th in Roehampton, Surrey, England.

1890 - Beatrice Maud Galpin came to Canada.

1891 - The Western Canadian Ranching Company, headed by London publisher, Thomas Dixon Galpin, bought the financially strapped Gang Ranch and all its holdings.

1897 - Clare Mabel Galpin came to Canada from England.  Clare Mabel Galpin married James Douglas Prentice on September 6th in Victoria.  (BC Marriage Registration Number 1897-09-008205)

1898 - A stillborn child was born to Clare and James in Victoria on May 26th and buried at the Ross Bay Cemetery.  The Western Canadian Ranching Company (WCRC) was incorporated in England to acquire, develop and manage ranches throughout the Province of British Columbia, Canada, and the United States. The WCRC was registered in British Columbia as an extra-provincial company on Jan. 3, 1898. Ranches under its management included the Harper Ranch near Kamloops, the Gang Ranch and the Perry Ranch, near Ashcroft. Throughout its existence, the company maintained its head office in England with a branch office in Victoria. The British Columbia Land and Investment Agency served as its financial agent. The WCRC wound up its business in the 1950s. 

1899 - A son James Douglas Prentice was born to Clare and James on April 26th.

1901 - James and Mabel Prentice were censused in the Victoria Census in district 5.  James is listed as the head of the household born on February 3, 1861 in Lancashire, Scotland, now aged 40. James declared that he came to Canada in 1882. His occupation is listed as Provincial Secretary.  Mabel is listed as his wife, 32 years old. Their son 1 year old James Douglas is listed.  The family belongs to the Church of England.  The family also has 3 domestic servants (one from England and two from China), one nurse and one coachman living with them.
Cuyler and Beatrice Holland were censused in the Victoria Census in District 5.  Cuyler is listed as born on 6 Oct 1863 in Africa, now 37 years old. He declares he came to Canada in 1886 and is now the Manager of the BC Land & Investment Agency. Beatrice is listed as 37 years old.  They are listed with their three children, Walter, 11 years born in England, John, 10 years born in BC and Frances 2 years born in BC. The family belongs to the church of England.  They also have two domestic servants,  a Chinese gardener and a Chinese cook living with them.

-A son William Dixon Galpin was born.

-William Dixon Galpin became an artist

-James Douglas Prentice was elected to public office

-James Douglas Prentice was accused of voting irregularities.

1911 -James Douglas Prentice died in Lillooet on October 27th, at the age of 50 and was buried in the Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria, BC.  An Obituary was printed in the Victoria Times on October 27th.

1925 - James Douglas Prentice Junior married Florence Patricia O'Carroll in England.  The Victoria Times published a marriage notice.

1979 - James Douglas Prentice Junior died in Saanichton on March 14th, at the age of 79 years.  he was buried at the Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria, BC.

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