Dog Creek 1895 Directory

Dog Creek
1895 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1895 Williams Directory of BC.

 In the Provincial Electoral District of Lillooet, and Dominion Electoral District of Carbioo is distant about 65 miles north of Clinton on east side of the Fraser River.   It has a post and express office.  Mails weekly; nearest telegraph office, Clinton.  There is a stage weekly from Ascroft the nearest railroad station, distant 97 miles.


Ah Sing - trader
Brown, William - lbr
Colin, Peter - fmr
Conner, Charles - lbr
Gustafsen, Nelson - fmr
Greaves, Thos - frmn Gang Ranch
Haigh, Beaumont - painter
Le Po, George - trader
McEwan, Alexander - fmr
Meason, Malcolm L. - fmr
Meason, W.L. jr - stock raiser
Meason, W.L. sr. - Indian agt
Miller, John - ferryman, Canoe Creek
Miller, John, jr. - ferryman, Canoe Creek
Mundada, Stephen - lbr
Pigeon, Joseph - fmr
Pigeon, Moses - fmr
Place, Joseph S. - PM, str & htl
Prentice, J.D. - J.P., mngr Canadian Ranching Co.
Sing Lee - trader
Vedan, Louis - lbr
Versepeuch, Isador - fmr
Western Canadian Ranching Co.
Williams, John R. - lbr, Canoe Creek
Wycott, W.W. - fmr

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