Clinton 1919

Clinton 1919 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1919 Wrigley's B.C. Directory.

 A village post office and station on the Cariboo road and P.G.E. Ry., in Lillooet Provincial Electoral District, distant 24 miles north of Ashcroft. Office of Prov. Govt. Agent, Land Commissioner Lillooet Land Recording District. Prov. Police Chief Constable, Gold Commissioner Clinton Mining Division and District Registrar Supreme and County court. Presbyterian church and public school. Population 260. Local resources: Mixed farming and stock raising.

Aiken, Frank E - chief constable Lillooet police district
Baker, Allan - cattle raising and mixed farming
Baker, Fred - ranching
Baker, J. - sheep raising
Barton, Miss Dorothy - sten Prov. Govt. office
Barton, Thomas - mixed farming
Bishop, J. A. - mixed farming
Bishop, James - cattle raising
Botterill, Matt - portable sawmill
Boyd, Ira - mixed farming
Boys, John G. - mixed farming
Boyd, Samuel S. - express
Carson, Wm. - laborer
Chee, Kee & Co. - Chinese merchants
Clarke, Richard - sheep raising
Clinton Hotel - Charles Menier, Prop. Tourist Commercial and Miners Resort. Auto Connections with Ashcroft.
Collins, Bert - mixed farming
Cullin, D.D. - teamster
Darough, Niel - ranching
DeLany, Wm. - sheep raising
Delco-Light Products - March Bros. Agents, Kamloops
Doering, Chas. - farming
Dougherty, Chas. A. - ranching
Dougherty, Edward - ranching
Dowrell, Reginald A. - clerk provincial government office
Empire Restaurant and Rooming House - Charlie Num, prop.
Ferguson, Ed - cattle raising
Ferguson, Robert - cattle raising
Fraser, Robert - General Merchant, Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes and Hardware
Gaspard, P. - ranching
Haddad, Jos. B. - jeweler
Hamilton, F.S. - mixed farming
Hinkes, A.M. - mgr Stewart Calvert & Co. Ltd.
Horan, Harry P. - general store
Hunter, A.G. - dairying
Hutchinson, Fred S. - agent PGE Ry
Janes, Oren O. - cattle raising and mixed farming
Johnson, James L. - mixed farming
Johnston, Miss Mae - school teacher
Kerr, Isaac N. - mixed farming
Koelbenbock, Herman - barber and poolroom
Kong Kam Wing Co - restaurant and general store
Koster, H. - cattle raising
LeBourdais, Eleanor - postmistress
LeBordais, P. - govt telegraph agent
McCarty's Garage - Charles C. McCarty, Pop. Autos for Hire, repairs. Oils, gasoline and accessories. Cars for sale.
McCarty, Glenn - auto driver
McDonald, Archibald - MPP and sec. School board
Menier, Chas. - prop Clinton Hotel
Menier, C. - cattle raising
Milburn, George - govt agent, \ land commissioner dept of lands prov govt and registrar supreme and county courts gold commissioner mines dept
More, Jas K. - road supt. Foreman district 9 in prov dept public works
Mundorf, Geo - ranching
Num, Charlie - prop Empire Restaurant
Parke, Henry - cattle raising
Parke, T. - cattle raising
Parke, P. - cattle raising
Parke, Stanley - mixed farming
Patton, Thomas S. - teamster
Payne, John C. - mixed farming
Pigeon, Ernest Peter F.X. - mixed farming
Pigeon, Joseph - mixed ranching
Pigeon, Mark - teamster
Pocock, Thos - farming
Pollard, Mrs. Kezia - mixed farming
Ritchie, W.P. - blacksmith
Robertson, Jas. A. - cattle raising and mixed farming
Robertson, John - farming
Stewart Calvert & Co. Ltd. - mfrs Epsom salts, A.M. Hinkes local mgr.
Stoddart, David A. - gentleman
Tong, Sing - cattle raising and farming
Tresierra, Alonzo - blacksmith
Tresierra, Miss Amelia - rooming house
Walker, Geo - mixed farming
Walters, Guy E. - mixed farming
Wardell, J. - cattle raising
Wilkinson, Wm. - see Big Bar Mountain School Board
Williamson, Ed - ranching

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