Chronology of Alexis Creek

A Chronology of Alexis Creek

This history is in constant update and revision. Please forward any comments/corrections or additions to Wanda Story. The goal is to make this account as accurate as possible.

- Archibald Macauley pre-empted property that became known as the A1 Ranch.

1889 - Anna Scott Graham nee Harvey, became the new bride of Alexander Graham in Clinton, BC.

- Alexander and Anna Graham became partners with Archie Maccauley and moved onto the A1 Ranch. Anna was the first white woman at Alexis Creek.

1880- Alexander Graham took out his own homestead at what became known as Graham Mountain and Graham Meadows.

- Bob Graham, Alexander's brother took up a 160 acre homestead in the area.

1887 - Hugh Peel Bayliff took out a homestead in the area.

1888 - Norman Lee went into partnership with Hugh Peel Bayliff. Thomas Raleigh Young came to Alexis Creek from England and went into partnership with Hewer and Nightengale. Hewer and Nightengale started the first store at Alexis Creek and traded with the local Natives.

1889 - Alexander Graham was made Justice of the Peace for the Chilcotin District.

-The partnership between Norman Lee and Hugh Peel Bayliff wasn't working out and they flipped a coin to see who would buy who out. Norman Lee won and made a quick trip to England to secure funds for the ranch. He also returned with Gertrude Tyndle his new bride.

1890 - T. A. and Henry Armstrong bought out R. J. Bidwell's ranch. R. J. Bidwell had been the Justice of the Peace at Alexis Creek.

1891 - Alexander and Anna Graham had a daughter, Francis Matilda, born at Alexis Creek. Hugh Peel Bayliff registered his brand the Bar Eleven in August.

1892 - The Armstrong's built a log home on their ranch.

1893 - The Alexis Creek post office was established and F. Nightingale was appointed the first postmistress on October 1st.

1896 - F. Nightingale resigned as the Alexis Creek postmistress on April 9th.

1897 - Archibald Macauley married Elizabeth Hodges from Country Antrim, Ireland.

1898 - Hugh and Gertrude Bayliff had a son Gabriel Thomas Lane Bayliff.  On July 1st, Alexander Graham became the new Alexis Creek postmaster.

1901 - Alexander and Anna Graham had a second daughter, Kathleen Alexandrea at Hanceville. Reginald Fitz-Nigel Newton bought Fred Copeland's Ranch. Reginald would use the cattle brand YY. Henry Armstrong was killed in the Boer War.

1902 - Eileen Elizabeth Macauley was born in Alexis Creek.

1903 - Kin Nauie came to Alexis Creek from Peking, China. He would work with Alexander Graham for the next 30 years. William Henry Bliss, 29 years old, arrived from England with a valuable Arabian stallion for Reg Newton. William stayed and became the area blacksmith.

1907 - Jessie Claire Macauley was born at Alexis Creek.

1908 - Reg Newton married Nora Kathleen Nedwell in England. William Bliss's wife Mary Alice and his daughter Kathleen arrived from England. Perry and Priscella Martin came from England and bought the store and Gables Ranch 10 miles east of Alexis Creek from Phil White and Benny Franklin.

1909 - William and Alice Bliss bought a piece of Reg Newton's land and started their own Ranch. A son, William Maurice was born to William and Alice on June 9th in Hanceville.

1910 - Walter Bliss, the brother of William Bliss, came to Canada from Northampton, England. Fred Burdett, known as the "Crazy Frenchman" came to Alexis Creek. Fred Yells and Oliver Handy came to Alexis Creek from Midlands, England. Thomas George Harvey came to Alexis Creek in May to visit his aunt, Anne Graham. David Hugh Fraser came to area in 1910 from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia to look after a race horse for Jack Ballock.

1911 - William and Alexander Christie and William MacLennan and bought the Lambert property.

1912 - Major Louis Dyson, his wife Florence nee Newton, came for a visit from England and arrived at Alexis Creek in the first car to travel to the Chilcotin. The driver was Mr. Cunliff. William and Alice Bliss had a daughter Ruth Mary on August 20th in Alexis Creek. Late in the year Doctor William Wright set up a medical practice on Alex Graham's Ranch.

1913 - Thomas Campbell Lee, moved to Alexis Creek to build a store and stopping place.

- Walter Bliss bought property at Alexis Lake from Bill McCullough.

1915 - William and Alice Bliss had a son John Denis on October 11th with Dr. Wright in attendance. William was away on his twice yearly trip to Ashcroft to buy supplies for the homestead. They would typically buy flour and sugar by the ton, 25 pound boxes of dried fruits like raisins, figs, peaches, prunes and apples, 50 pound sacks of coffee beans, a case of tea, case of oranges, a barrel of wine, horse shoes, pitch forks, nails and small tools. This would have to last for six months until the next trip. The shopping was all done in Ashcroft from Wilcox-Hall and Mark Drummond, the two big department stores in Ashcroft. Most pioneer family would have done similar. The trip took three weeks, 1 week to travel down, and two weeks to travel back with laden wagons. A log hospital was built for Doctor Wright on the land donated by Alexander Graham. Dr. Wright received a stipend of $1,200 per year from the provincial government for his services.

1916 - William Bliss got the contract to deliver mail from Alexis Creek to Tatla Lake once a month.

1917 - The first official death registered in Alexis Creek by BC Vital Statistics was Frances Hall who died on February 24 at the age of 58 in Alexis Creek.

1918 - T. A. Armstrong went back to England for a year.

1919 - A log school building was built on the Bliss property and Vaugn G. S. Pritchard, a friend of the Bayliff's came from England to teach. An extra building was built for the teacher and some school children were also boarded. T. A. Armstrong returned from England with his new bride Sybil. Jack Maindly came to Alexis Creek and started a ranch.  In the 1919 Wrigleys BC Directory, Alexis Creek is listed as having a population of 50.  The settlement is listed as having a telephone office, government telegraph office, Anglican Church and Roman Catholic Mission.

1920 - On June 10th, Alexander Graham resigned as the Alexis Creek postmaster after holding the position nearly 22 years.  On August 16th, Thomas C. Lee became the new postmaster.

1922 - Reg Newton died in Vancouver but his ashes were spread on the Newton Ranch. Perry Martin died and is buried at the Gables Ranch.

1924 - Archibald and Elizabeth Macauley sold their A1 Ranch to Mr. Spencer. Kathleen Newton's nephew, Edmond Hutton came from England to help with the Ranch. Dr. Wright left Alexis Creek for Vancouver but died only a short time later.

1925 - William Bliss became the road foreman for the Chilcotin Valley. Dr. Charter came to the Alexis Creek Hospital

- Cliff Kinkead moved to Alexis Creek and built a house and harness and saddle shop. He also ran a used furniture store for a while.

1926 - Kathleen M. Bliss married George Leo Felker on February 13th in Williams Lake. (BC Marriage Registration #1926-09-312375)  William Bliss turned his mail delivery contract over to his brother Walter Bliss.

1927 - Alex Graham sold his ranch after 47 years to Duke Martin. Alex had built up the ranch to 1,000 head of cattle. Alex Graham in turn bought the Armstrong ranch, and the Armstrongs returned to England. Anne Graham gave up the Alexis Creek Post Office and Rosamund King Lee nee Ormsby, Tom Lee's wife took over the duties and moved the office to their store.

1928 - Alex and Dorothy Marshall moved to Alexis Creek and started the first garage there.

1930 - Dr. Charter and his family left Alexis Creek for Vancouver. Dr. Kniphel would take his place. Photo of the Alexis Creek School.

1933 - Kin Nauie, after 30 years in Alexis Creek went back to Peking, China for 2 years to visit with his wife and other family. Alex Marshall and Edmond Hutton died on June 25th at Puntzi Lake when a sudden storm came up and caught him in his sailboat in the middle of the lake. Dorothy Marshall sold the Alexis Creek Garage to Bus Jakel and moved to the Okanagan.

1934 - Alexander Graham died and is buried in Williams Lake. Hugh Bayliff died and is buried on the Ranch.

1935 - Kin Nauie returned to Alexis Creek after a two year absence. Alexander Graham had died so he went to work for Duke Martin and would stay with him for the next 20 years.

1937 - Walter Bliss died at the age of 59 on February 13th in Alexis Creek and is buried on the Bliss Ranch.

1938 - Dr. Hallows came to the Alexis Creek Hospital.

Late 1930's - the first snow plows were used in the Chilcotin to plow roads.

1940s - A wing was added to the hospital building.

1945 - The first Nuns came to Alexis Creek from the Missionary Sisters of Christ the King".

1946 - Kathleen Newton died and is buried at the ranch beside her husbands ashes. Thomas C. Lee died on April 28th and was buried in Williams Lake.  Rosamond Henrietta King Lee took over as the acting postmaster until August 30th.  Gordon Harvey Jakel was appointed the new postmaster.

1949 - The small hospital on the Graham farm was taken over by the Red Cross and Sophie Smith became the first nurse of the Red Cross Hospital at Alexis Creek.

1950 - Anna Scott Graham died and is buried with her husband in Williams Lake.

1951 - On April 28th, Gordon Harvey Jakel resigned as the Alexis Creek postmaster nearly 5 years.  Clifford Allen Carlton was appointed the new postmaster on June 20th.  On November 28th, Clifford died and Mrs. Dolores Avrill Carlton took over the postmaster duties.

1953 - On May 23rd, Dolores Avrill Carlton resigned as the Alexis Creek postmistress.   On July 8th, Thomas William Charles Lee became the new postmaster.

1954 - Merle Glennie was the Red Cross nurse at Alexis Creek.

1955 - Rosamund Lee died and was buried in Williams Lake.

1956 - William Bliss died on April 7th and is buried in the Quesnel Cemetery.

1962 - Alice Bliss died on August 2nd in New Westminster and is buried in the Catholic Cemetery.

1983 - The Lee store and post office was torn down to make room for the widening of Highway 20. The Lee Store had operated the post office for 53 years.

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