Alexandria 1919

Alexandria 1919 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1919 Wrigley's B.C. Directory.

 Alexandria: a post office on the Upper Fraser River, 32 miles south of Quesnel by Cariboo Road.  Stage from Ashcroft, 188 miles.  There is a steamer landing.

Alexandria Mine, now called South Wellington
Anders, W.J. - trader
Armstrong, A.C. - poultry raising
Hulborn, S.L. - cattle raising
McCombs, T.S. - cattle raising
Middleton, R. - cattle raising
Moffatt, H. - see Sisters Creek School Board
Moffat, R.R. - dairy farming
Moffat, C. - dairy farming
Rowed, Mrs. M.E. - ranching and general store
Webster, J.H. - mixed farming
Webster, W. - general merchant
Webster, W.J. - cattle raising
Webster, W.L. - cattle raising
Windt, A.T. - dairy farming
Windt, C.C. - cattle raising

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Posted 11 April 1999