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County Formation

Yuma County was the one of four original Arizona Counties created 10 Nov 1864 by the 1st Arizona Territorial Legislature.

"This Territory shall be divided into four counties, to be bounded and named as hereinafter provided.

"First, the County of Pima, ...

"Second, the County of Yuma, shall be bounded as follows: On the east by the line of 113 degrees 20 minutes west longitude, on the north by the middle of the main stream of the Santa Maria to its junction with Williams' Fork, thence by the middle of the main channel of said stream to its junction with the Colorado, on the west by the main channel of the Colorado river, and on the south by the Sonora line. The seat of justice whereof is hereby established at La Paz, and the County Commissioners are herby empowered to establish precincts in said county.

"Third, the County of Mohave, ...

"Fourth, the County of Yavapai, ...."

LaPaz County was carved from Yuma County in 1983.



Fort Yuma


Quartermaster Depot

Territorial Prison



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