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1907 ... Arizona

The few tidbits provided here came from ... Arizona, by F M Irish, published in 1907.

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Arizona remained under Spanish rule until 1821, when Mexico gained her independence. In 1816, during the war between the United States and Mexico, General Kearny, with his dragoons, crossed the southern part of what is now Arizona, following the Gila River to its junction with the Colorado, on his way to California.

Following Kearny, in the same year, came a battalion of Mormon troops who entered the present bounds of Arizona near the southeast corner, and, following the Gila and San Pedro rivers, crossed the Colorado near what is now Yuma, establishing the first wagon route across the southern Cordilleras.

Page 19 - Other Minerals.

The Castle Dome district, northeast of Yuma, yields very pure lead, which is shipped to San Francisco to be manufactured into paint. The rare metal, tungsten, valuable for toughening steel, is found in considerable quantities in the mountains north of Dragoon. Quicksilver occurs a few miles east, of Ehrenberg. Beds of gypsum 200 feet thick are found in the Santa Catalina Mountains, and gypsum occurs in many other localities.

Page 20 - Fruit Growing.

In northern Arizona and in the higher valleys of the mountain region, apples, cherries, pears, and peaches of excellent quality are grown. In the Salt and Gila valleys, apricots, grapes, and plums grow to perfection. Superior oranges and lemons are produced in the Salt River valley and near Yuma. The oranges ripen early, and therefore command high prices in eastern markets. Figs, almonds, and pomegranates grow well in the warmer sections, and strawberries are a profitable crop. Olives raised near Phoenix yield the highest grades of oil. The raising of dates has been proven a success, the trees requiring little care, and producing heavily.

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The rivers of Arizona are not suited to navigation. Light-draught steamers can usually ascend the Colorado as far as Yuma, but little or no traffic is carried on by this means.

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Yuma (population 2500 in 1907) is the shipping point for the rich farming and fruit-raising district of the lower Colorado River, and is the base of supplies for the mines of the Castle Dome, Fortuna, and other districts.

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