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1867 Directory

Pacific Coast Business Directory published in 1867 contains information about Arizona Territory starting at page 776. Some extractions related to Yuma area are provided here.

Ehrenburg, Yuma Co, P.O. [now in La Paz county, Page 781]

175 miles n of Yuma, on the east bank of the Colorado River, 350 miles from its mouth. The town is at the crossing of the river on the road from Los Angeles, also at a good steamboat landing, giving it some advantages in trade, and as a storing place of goods destined for the interior. The surrounding country is desolate and uninviting, and in the summer the heat is extreme. Mineral City and Olive City are names o adjoining localities, but are "cities" without inhabitants.

Barney James M & Co, general merchandise

Castanida J M, general merchandise

Fisher P M, postmaster

Goldwater J & Bro, general merchandise, forwarding, and commission
Goodman T J, hotel
Graf Leopold, blacksmith, and wagon maker

Metz Gallus, carriage maker and trimmer
Meyers J H, liquor saloon
Moreno Guillermo, butcher

Noli Juan, baker

Salcido Pedro, liquor saloon
Starke F J, stage agent

Tattle J B, general merchandise

Parker, Yuma Co, P.O [now in La Paz county, Page 782]

145 miles n or Yuma

Salt John H, postmaster, and general merchandise

 Yuma, Yuma Co, P.O. [Page 784]

Alexander Henry N, attorney at law, and notary public

Baker & Costello, general merchandise
Barney James M & Co, general merchandise
Berry W J, attorney at law, and proprietor Arizona Sentinel
Berteling L A, watch maker
Burke William, hotel

Colorado Commercial and Land Co, Samuel Purdy Jr, agent

Doter J, blacksmith and wagon maker

Fitzgerald Henry S, postmaster
Fitzgerald H S & Co, general merchandise

Gant R W, harness and saddlery

Haggee John, restaurant
Horner & Donaldson, blacksmiths, and wagon makers
Hughes F, liquors

Jones B D, liquor saloon

Knight George, bakery

Lander C H, tailor
Larkin W R, general merchandise
Lorette A, general merchandise
Lyons & Levy, general merchandise

Martin George, drugs and medicines
McLane Smelting Works, George D Nagle, superintendent
Miller William P, attorney at law

Neahr David, general merchandise

Pesquiera & Lastra, tinsmiths
Pulfer William, blacksmith, and wagonmaker
Purdy Smauel Jr, civil engineer and surveyor

Redondo J M & Bro, butchers
Redondo & Balz, liquor saloon
Rowell C W C, attorney at law

Samter John, general merchandise

Tonge William H, general merchandise
Tyner Andrew, liquor saloon

Walker P J, attorney at law

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