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Arizona was the last of the original 48 to be admitted to the Union.  It was admitted in 1912.  Phoenix is the capitol of the state which consists of 15 counties.  It is probably one of the least populated states in the Union.  There are vast areas of open land, reservations and public lands.  A lot of the population are Hispanics who came when Arizona was a Territory.

Please remember that a lot of early graves were marked with wooden crosses which have since been destroyed by the elements.  A lot of graves are unmarked and because of the heat and no refrigeration in the early days, people were buried immediately.  If they were killed by a raiding party, they were buried when a military patrol or someone else traveling thru the area found the remains.  Again, there would be no markers or if there was something it no longer exists.

Before 1912 records were scarce too depends on how close someone was to the county seat to get something recorded.



If you have information on an area in Arizona and wish to share it with our researchers, please contact the State Administrator.  We can use cemetery transcriptions, cemetery photographs, birth records.  Obituaries are always needed and a good resource in solving mysteries in genealogy.



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