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Two resources at Rootsweb that will greatly facilitate your genealogical research are the Message Board and the Mailing List.

The Message Board is a good place for posting a note that a large number of people might see and respond to over a long period of time. The Mailing List, however, is an e-mail list for genealogical research in the area. It is for more in-depth discussions and longer posts than you might see on the Message Board, and it is a method of assuring that a dedicated group of list members will be sure to receive your note as an e-mail message. It then provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, information and comments, all by e-mail. The Mailing List is spam and virus-free, because all posts are filtered through Rootsweb servers.

If you use web based mail, both the Message Board and the Mailing List can be accessed on the WWW through your web browser, but the Mailing List needs only your e-mail program. The Mailing List operates in two forms, the Mail mode, and the Digest mode.

Please feel free to search or enter a query for your lines on the Message Board or join the Mailing List, using the boxes below.

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