YEARS 1920-1929 OF 

Silvey, Fay			12 Jan 1893				4 Dec 1920	Valley Hospital, Maricopa Co.	P.M. Silvey		MO	Ollie Johnson		MO	Buried in Phoenix, 27y10m22d
Moore, Samuel A.							10 Dec 1920	Toltec Hotel near Eloy										Shipped to Olathe, KS
Davis, Charles Howard, Dr.	26 Jun 1868	IN			15 Feb 1921	Near Casa Grande		Amos Davis		IN	Charity Reynolds	IN	Buried 17 Feb 1921, 52y7m20d, body exhumed
																							and shipped to Los Angeles on 22 May 1921
Walters, Howard A.		5 Jun 1889				3 Mar 1921	Valley Hospital, Maricopa Co.	Henry Walters		OH	Eva Manlone		MT	Body shipped to Helena, MT, 31y8m26d
Hughes, Winfred May				Ireland			10 Mar 1921	Near Casa Grande										Shipped to Bisbee, AZ
Rivers, Mathew B.		20 Apr 1890	Sacaton			28 May 1918	France, KIA											First Native American killed in World War I, buried in
																							Sacaton, AZ on reservation. Changed his name from Siply
																							Juan and lied about his age to get into the service.
																							Reburied on 9 April 1921.
Kimsey, Fred Ruford		3 Jan 1887	MO			16 Apr 1921	Casa Grande			John Kimsey		IL	Martha Carter		IL	Shipped to Medicene Lodge, KS, 34y3m13d
Harbinson, Wm. S.		29 Jul 1887				29 Apr 1921	Casa Grande			Wm.T. Harbinson 	IN	Fairly Goodman		IN	Shipped to Debois, IN, 33y9m
Peart, Dorothy Lettie		24 Oct 1888	CO			16 Jun 1921					John Berelheimer		? Coltrom			Shipped to San Diego, CA, 33y
Locke, J. Foster		23 Oct 1918	CA			3 Aug 1921	Selman				J.R. Locke		MI	Ann Foster		ND	Shipped to San Jose, CA
Rimal, Nelson R.		13 Oct 1868	Norway,KS		24 Oct 1921	Casa Grande			R.Rimal				Anna Lehn		KS	Shipped 25 Oct 1921 to Norway, KS, 53y11d
McGonagill, Henry Elay		Sep 1879	TX			25 Oct 1921	Sacaton				A.M. McGonagill		TX	N. Haines			Shipped to Lovington, NM, 42y1m
Wilkenson, James Alice		Oct		TN			Feb 1922	Rev. Coxsey Residence		James Wilkenson		TN					Shipped to Tuscola, TX on 22 Feb 1922, 73y
Cole, Elizabeth					AR			21 Mar 1922					John Bushy		TN	? Atley			AL	Shipped to Knoxville, AR 22 Mar 1922, 28y
Alford, Mary E.			8 Mar 1887				6 Apr 1922								Ireland				Ireland	Shipped to Hot Springs, AR on 7 Apr 1922, 35y28d
Eppa, Norris Livingston		15 Jun 1893	MD			20 Apr 1922					Edwin C. Eppa		VA	Emma C. Dotty		VA	Shipped to Baltimore, MD, 28y10m5d
Ayalo, Francisco				MX			10 May 1922	Casa Grande			Bernardo Ayalo		MX	Marie Valenzuela	MX	Florence Cemetery, 11 May 1922, 96y
Darrow, Albert Theodore		15 Dec 1875	MO			29 May 1922					George Darrow		OH	Elizabeth Woodson	OH	Shipped to Austin City, OK, 46y
Stroud, Elmer E.		Apr 1889	TX			12 Jul 1922	Auto Accident											Shipped 13 Jul 1922 to San Antonio, TX, 33y2m
Tuttle, Melvin O.		5 Sep 1852	OH			2 Aug 1922	Near Eloy			Asoph Tuttle		OH					Shipped 2 Aug 1922 to Bakerfield, CA, 69y10m2d
Morton, Leara								25 Jul 1922	Chu-Chu												Shipped to Los Angeles, CA, 41y
Paden, John Thomas		14 Apr 1865	AR			4 Oct 1922					R.J. Paden		AL	Alice Richie		TN	Shipped to Sanger, CA, 57y5m20d
Slaughter, Richard Gordon	31 Aug 1917	TX			19 Jul 1922	Rattlesnake bite		C.B. Slaughter		KY	Mayme Hawkins		KY	Buried 20 Jul 1922, exumed and shipped 6 Oct 1922 to
																							Horse Creek, KY
Davis, Charles B.		4 Dec 1867	IN			16 Nov 1922					Wm R. Davis			Sarah Bush			Shipped to Columbus, IN, 54y11m12d
Azule, Harry								19 Dec 1922	Sacaton, reservation														
Curran, Mrs. John							3 Feb 1923	Sacaton, reservation														
Batterson, Verda May		13 Jun 1894	OH			3 Feb 1923	T.B.				Wm. Brokaw		OH	Jennie Darling		OH	Shipped to Akron, OH, 28y7m21d
Shaw, Arthur J.			8 May 1923	CA			24 Mar 1923	Homestead near Casa Grande	Clark A. Shaw		MI	Jane Goodale		MI	Shipped to Phoenix, 24y9m16d
Lewis, Paul Jr.								10 Apr 1923	Sacaton, reservation		Paul Lewis, Sr							7 mos.
Kochsmeier, Conrad		28 Mar 1892	NE			24 May 1923	Sacaton	 T.B.			Henry Kochsmeier 	Germany Mary Nollenhart		IL	Shipped to NE, 31y1m28d
Levi, Phillipson							Aug 1923	Sacaton, reservation												
Wilson, Bertha Smurr		1872		WVA			30 Jan 1924	Sacaton, T.B.			J.H. Smurr		WVA	? Spangler		WVA	Shipped to Martinsburg, WVA, 51y1m15d
Stone, Wm F.								10 Feb 1924	Heart Failure											Florence Cemetery, 12 Feb 1924, 45y
James																							Casa Blanca on reservation, 26 Oct 1924
Valensquela, Rita		1889		MX			16 Dec 1924					Juan Valensquela	MX					Sasco Cemetery, 17 Dec 1924, 35y
Haisten, Fred D.		30 Jul 1870	GA			21 Jan 1925	Red Rock, Homicide										Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix, 24 Jan 1925, 54y5m22d
Harnsey, Baby			6 Feb 1925	AZ			6 Feb 1925	Tweedy Ranch,			Frank Harvey		MS	Mary Blackburn		UT	Shipped to Mesa, AZ 7 Feb 1925
Hadley, Bert								17 Feb 1925	Near Eloy, gun shot wound	A.L. Hadley		IL	Francis Harr		KY	Shipped to Los Angeles, CA, 19 Feb 1925, abt 45y
Griswold, Guy M.		15 Apr 1891				17 Feb 1925	Near Eloy, gun shot wound									Shipped to Clinton, IA, residence nas Lowman, IA, 34y10m2d
Spiers, Kaiser			5 Aug 1887	MN			2 Mar 1925	Casa Grande, T.B.										Shipped to St. Cloud, MN, 37y6m27d
Perry, Charles Edward		24 Jul 1918	AZ			1 Apr 1925	Flu				C.M. Perry		TX	Zella Shiffette		TX	Shipped 2 Apr 1925 to Sweetwater, TX, 6y8m7d
Thomas, Lewis					AZ					Blackwater											Blackwater on reservation, 3 May 1925
Roberts, Lucy																						5 May 1925, bought coffin, buried on reservation
Thomas, Lupa					AZ			16 Jul 1925	Near Casa Grande		Juan Vavachie		AZ					Burial 16 Jul 1925, Chu Chu [reservation] 24y, wife of Pete Thomas
Pomsford, Ruth Amber				MN			17 Aug 1925	T.B				Walter W. Pomsford						Shipped to Annondale, MN, 17y
Thorton, Edwin Earle		23 Dec 1886	Roseburg, OR		31 Dec 1925	Casa Grande, T.B.		Samuel Isaac Thorton	MO	Mary Virginia		OR	Shipped to Roseburg, OR, 39y8d
Black, J.S.								5 Mar 1926	Casa Grande, self inf. gun shot	M.J. Black		TN	Mary F. Harvey		AL	Shipped to Anthay, AL, 56y10m11d
Seagoe, Clement Oatman		11 Jun 1875	Johnson City, TX	21 Apr 1926	Suicide				Thomas Seagoe		AR	Martha ?		TN	Shipped to Pomona, ?, 21 Apr 1926, 50y9m10d
Cox, Celia Peterson		4 Jul 1902				5 May 1926	Homestead near Casa Grande	Charles Peterson	Denmark	Erwitine Poppin		Germany	Shipped to Phoenix, 23y10m1d, Snake bite followed by self 
																							inflicted gun shot.
Cox, Doris Addie		9 Jan 1926				5 May 1926	Homestead near Casa Grande	Evan J. Cox			Celia P. Cox		AZ	Shipped to Phoenix, 3m27d, shot by mother
Cox, Dorothy Elizabeth		30 Jul 1923				5 May 1926	Homestead near Casa Grande	Evan Cox			Celia Peterson Cox	AZ	Shipped to Phoenix, 2y9m6d, gun shot by mother
Tursado, Miquel					Vermont			23 Oct 1926	Ventura Ranch											Shipped to Goodyear, A, abt 45y
Whitney, Esther			1841		Winslow, Maine		25 Nov 1926	Casa Grande			Gideon Prebble		VT				VT	Shipped to Augusta, Maine, 85y,8m
Moore, Marshall Lee		27 Nov 1908	Humbolt, IL		27 Dec 1926	Casa Grande, T.B.		Marshall Moore		OH	Smith Ome	Isabell, IL	Shipped to Humbolt, IL, 18y
McCormick, John Edwin				Baco, IL		17 Feb 1927	Casa Grande, Mastioditis	Nathinal McCormick		Elida Stevens		Maine	Shipped to Alhambra, CA, 60 yrs
Lopez, Anita					Maricopa, AZ		1927		Casa Grande, T.B.		Jose Lopez		AZ	Huline Lopez		AZ	Buried in Maricopa, reservation, 14y
Carpenter, J. W.		3 Oct 1842	NYC,NY			19 Mar 1927	Lake Shore Mine											Buried 19 Mar 1927 at Little Boy Mine, 84y
Schurz, Maggie																						Buried 24 Apr 1927, Sacaton reservation, 80y
Brunner, Dorothy Jane		11 Apr 1927	St. Claire Ranch	25 Apr 1927	St. Claire Ranch, Pinal Co., AZ	Dewey Brunner		TX	Ella Jane Potterbaum	IN	Shipped to Mesa, AZ 26 Apr 1927, cleft palate, not able to eat
Winner, Fred Walter		27 Aug 1885	Highland Center, IA	22 May 1927	Casa Grande, RR car accident	Mark Winner		IA	Belle Parker		IA	Shipped to Highland Center, IA, 42y, electrician, lineman, divorced
Claman, Torry Thomson		6 Mar 1903				25 Oct 1927	Casa Grande, T.B.		Robt Claman		VA	Rosa Dorn		VA	Shipped to Gilmore City, IA, 24y, married
Bounds, Sidney			7 Jun 1885	England			2 Nov 1927	T.B.				Alfred Bounds		England	Sarah Farrell		England	Shipped to Sawtelle, CAm 42y, married, buried in Sawtelle Soldier Cemetery
Ingram, Ed			1855		CA			21 Nov 1927	Casa Grande, Nephritius		Thomas Ingram		KY	? Walker		CA	Shipped to Monterey, CA, 72y10m28d, married
Morris, Joshua			1890					16 Oct 1927	Sacaton, T.B.			Jones Morris		Komatke					Buried in the Komathe Indian Village, 37y, soldier
Baldenegro, Rejella		7 Dec 1927	Casa Grande		7 Dec 1927	Jouna Aruzo Ranch, T.B.		Francisco Baldenegro	Yuma,AZ	Gertrinida Venzuella	Benson	Buried in the Sasco Cemetery, 22y
Reazin, Janet Rabena		19 Apr 1856										John Connor		Scotland				Shipped to Pratt, KS, burial Macksville Cemetery, Dec 1927, 71y8m9d, widow
Jackson, Victor								29 Dec 1927	Casa Grande, pneumonia						Sarah				Sacaton East, reservation, burial 30 Dec 1927, 72y
Venzuella, Jennie				MX			1 Jan 1928	Arujo Ranch, Picacho, stroke									Buried in Sasco, AZ, 80y, married
Juan, Sibley B.			28 Jan 1886	Sacaton			27 Jan 1928	Sacaton, auto accident		Juan			Sacaton	Mary Juan			Buried in Sacaton, reservation, 27 Jan 1928, 42y, married
Holstead, Winona Eden		9 Nov 1906	IL			28 Jan 1928	Casa Grande, T.B.		Marshall Moore			Ona Smith			Shipped to Humbolt, IL 29 Jan 1928, 21y, married
Emerson, Hoffman		7 Mar 1903	Scottsdale, AZ		3 Feb 1928	Sacaton				Calvin Emerson		Vohki	Ellen Williams	    Smoketown	Buried 4 Feb 1928, Sacaton reservation
Brown, Richard			22 Nov 1860	IL			23 Feb 1928	Maricopa, cancer										Buried in ranch cemetery, Maricopa, 68y, Mormon
Sullivan, Michael		24 Mar 1854	Canada			25 Feb 1928	Santa Cruz Wash,acute indigestion Michael Sullivan	Ireland					Shipped to Los Angeles, CA, 74y, married
Glazbrook, Harriett Mrs.	6 Nov 1864	TX			26 Mar 1928	Casa Grande			Charles Jones		NH	Mary Ann Moore		AL	Shipped to Tucson, Rose Lawn Cemetery, 63y, married
Starrh, Samuel W.		12 Oct 1854	England			1 Apr 1928	Auto accident			Richard Starrh		England					Burial Tucson, April 1928, 73y, widower
Johnston, Maude			27 Feb 1879				7 May 1928	Rainey Ranch, T.B.		Hugh H. Johnston	OH	L.J. Hall		OH	Shipped to Alliance, OH, Glade Run Cemetery, 49y, single
Furuseth, Oscar			7 Mar 1891	MN			18 Jun 1928	Casa Grande T.B.		Jacob Furuseth		Norway	Marie Mortenson	      Norway	Shipped to Halstad, MN, 37y
Norman, L.C., Mrs.		7 Sep 1844	Olberg, AR		25 Apr 1928	Senility			Charles Hutton			Jane Smith		IN	Shipped to Stanbury, MO, 83y7m
Celaya, Tomasa, Mrs.		17 Sep 1928	AZ			39 Jun 1928	Florence, cancer		Anastasion Filless		Manuella Valdaralla		Buried in Florence, 1 Jul 1928, 48y
Schurz, Margaret							4 Aug 1928													Buried in Blackwater, Blackwater Cemetery, married
Irvin, Robert E.		23 Oct 1862	Lawrence, KS		1 Oct 1928	Heart				Robert Irvin, Sr. Meadville, PA	Jane Mo		 Erie City, PA	Shipped to Perkins, OK, 2 Oct 1928, farmer, married 67y
Reed, Reatha Rebecca, Mrs.	22 Sep 1869	TX			20 Dec 1928	Picacho				Mr. Duovall							Shipped to Tucson 20 Dec 1928, buried in Rose Lawn Cemetery, married, 59y
Gable, William G.							10 Feb 1929	Casa Grande Homestead, gangrene									Shipped to Phoenix 18 Feb 1929, buried in Greenwood Memorial Park, carpenter
McKown, William Wylie		30 Jun 1884				4 Mar 1929	Casa Grande Hosp., auto accident	T. McKown		PA	E. McLaughlin		PA	Shipped to Lechburg, PA, 44y8m4d, married
Cunningham, Katherine Louisa	30 Jan 1908	Marshall, IL		15 Mar 1929	Casa Grande, T.B.		John Cunningham	Butler Co., OH	Agusta Attwood	Marshall, IL	Shipped to Marshall, IL, single, Methodist, 21y1m15d
Salazar, Andres M.		21 Jan 1901	Florence, AZ		7 May 1929	C.G.covered in sewer ditch	Andres Salazar	      Florence	Rose Mancico	Tucson, AZ	Buried in D.O. Martin Cemetery, Florence, Laborer, married Catholic, 28y5m
Tellyer, Minnie			3 Apr 1896	CA			28 Jun 1929	Tellyer Ranch, cancer		Geo. Reynolds		IA					Shipped to Dinuba, CA, married, Baptist, 33y
Bayless, Earl D.		4 Nov 1888	Winfield, KS		17 Aug 1929	C.G. Hosp. burns from gasoline	Daniel T. Bayless 	OH	Luella Gillespie Winchester, OH	Shipped to Phoenix, Greenwoord Cemetery, 22 Aug 1929, garage owner, married 40y8m13d
Celaya, Reinaldo		8 May 1929	Casa Grande		17 Sep 1929	Eloy				Leo Celaya		MX	Rosa Montano		MX	Florence, 18 Sep 1929, Catholic, 3m9d
Johnson, Lillian		17 Oct 1907	Sacaton			15 Oct 1929	Sacaton Hosp, child birth	R. Johnson		Sacaton	Jessie Davis	   Sacaton	Buried in Sacaton Cemetery 16 Oct 1929, 22y
Peters, Infant			31 Oct 1929	Coolidge		2 Nov 1929	Coolidge, premature		Geo. Peters		MO	Anna L. Chatham		MO	Buried in Glendale, AZ 3 Nov 1929, 3d
Wolf, Irma Belle		27 Jan 1925	Wolf Ranch, LaPalma	26 Dec 1929	Ranch, diptheria		H.A. Wolf	Mansfield, OH	Jaura Jane King		OH	Buried 27 Dec 1929, Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix, 4y11m