A.K.A. A.O.U.W Cemetery
Adamsville Rd.
Florence, AZ

Adams, Fred A. 1844-1910
Adams, Nettie Olga 24 Feb 1874-18 Sep 1889 Born in Philadelphia, PA, Wife of F A Adams
Austin, Ruth no dates
Bailey, W. L. Died 17 Jan 1886 Aged 36y
Bartleson, Bogie 1874-1902
Bartleson, John T. 1834-1896 Uncle of Pres. Harry Truman
Bartleson, Sidney A. 9 Dec 1868-20 Jun 1911
Bierry, Ike 1862-1911
Bley, William 1851-1919
Brockway, Katherine Esther 30 Aug 1893-27 May 1894 Born Corona, NY
Carpenter, Alfred P. Died 5 Oct 1894 Aged 43y10m16d, son of L & A
Carpenter, Martha A. 4 Feb 1897-18 Feb 1918
Colton, Mattie Died 1887 Aged 2y
Devine, William T. Died 13 Apr 1877 Aged 9y, son of John J. & Virginia Devine
Foreman, Richard Dewey no dates
Foreman, Richard R. Dewey 17 May 1860-no date
Graham, Pauline 1827-1896
Guild, Edward Died Apr 1881 Son of W. E. & J. A. Guild
Guild, Josephine A. 18 June 1852-30 Jan 1887 Wife of William E.
Hardwick, Martha 7 Dec 1831-27 Nov 1896
Harvey, William, M.D. 16 Sep 1844-8 Jan 1889
Hickey, Pamelia Augusta Foreman 19 Dec 1856-31 May 1916
Jennings, Harriet Katherine no dates Aged 2y24d
Kentfield, W. R. 1882-1902
Langue, Camille E. Died 3 Jan 1893 Aged 42y
LeBaron, Mariah L. Died 11 Jan 1903 Aged 35y9m18d, wife of W. J.
Lile, Elizabeth Died Oct 1894 Aged 36y, wife of J. M.
McGee, Chester 27 Dec 1883-30 May 1933
McGee, Gertrude 11 Sep 1879-10 Mar 1945
Merritt, Thomas William no dates Aged 1y9m11d
Michea, Carmen R. 16 Jul 1842-25 Aug 1907 Wife of John B.
Michea, John Baptiste 25 Sep 1842-18 Nov 1886
Miller, William E. Died 1 Apr 1894
Morrell, Benny F. 8 June 1896-1897
Morrell, Franklin P. Died 27 June 1897 Aged 40y
Oury, Granville H. 22 Mar 1825-11 Jan 1891 He was the First Chief Justice of the Arizona Territory. Served in the Confederate Army.
Sharp, Isabel 20 Dec 1833-26 Dec 1891
Stevens, Carmen Sarah 19 Sep 1888-26 Sep 1889 Daughter of Daniel and Ollie N. Stevens
Stevens, Taylor Died 24 Oct 1898 Aged 4m5d-Son of Daniel C. & Mary E. Stevens
Stowe, James L. 1848-Nov 1895 Aged47y6m14d
Summers, H. B., Judge 1823-1895
Taylor, Annie R. 20 Jan 1850-31 Aug 1929
Truman, Marene no dates Infant
Unknown, Lou Died 7 Jan 1884 Aged 21d
Unknown, Lulu Died 16 Apr 1887 Aged 3y4m
Whitelow, Charles 11 Dec 1826-23 Mar 1886 Born Green Co., KY
Whitlow, Charles A. [Charley] 16 June 1871-26 Jan 1930
Whitlow, Charles Allen Died 30 Nov 1898 Aged 30y
Whitlow, Dorcas E. Morrell 27 Nov 1870-29 Nov 1949

This project was transcribed and researched by the genealogy group located at Caliente Casa Del Sol Resort in Florence, AZ in the winter of 2003

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